Reading your OWN books during OWNtober 2018

I've cleared out some ARC's during ARCAugust, I've tried tackling my sequels during Sequel September.. Now it's time to simply focus on my own books, which means.. OWNtober is back, people! Pretty sure this is one of my favorite monthly challenges so far, simply because you get to read whatever you want, as long as you already own the book!

TRANS REP, DONE WELL? – The Art Of Being Normal by Lisa Williamson

Seeing the cover of this book, I immediately knew I was going to love it. I just had to love it - there was no way I would have it disappoint me. So, what I'm basically saying is that this book had a whole lot to live up to without me having read the blurb at that point. I couldn't imagine a story with transgender rep being anything but amazing and I was right! Or, at least I was until I'd finished the book and decided to read some own-voice reviews...