Hi Munchworms!

It’s Friday again, yay! From now on, when I have some rambling and babbling and talking to do, this will be my day.

It’ll be the “moment of the week” to tell you what I’ve been up to in my life and in my reading. Also my plans for the weekend, if there should be anything interesting to happen. Apart from reading. There’s no weekend without reading. That would be impossible. And horrible. And torture. Especially torture.

So this week, apart from work and writing blogs for you guys, I’ve had that annoying feeling. Maybe you’re familiar with it. That feeling on Monday that it’s supposed to be Tuesday. And Tuesday it felt like Wednesday. So, yes, today feels like Saturday which is absolutely horrifying since it’s Friday and I still have to work.

But we’re going to stay upbeat here! The weekend’s almost here!

There hasn’t been anything “wow” this week. Apart from an annoyed “wow” when book mail arrived on a day nobody was home. And the day afterwards no one was either, so I had it sent to a shop close to work to pick it up. That was Tuesday. Now it’s Friday and guess what? You’re right! It hasn’t been delivered yet. Three days to go from point A to point B – a distance I do twice a day and it takes me barely fifteen minutes.
I hate it when that happens! Especially since I know it’s book mail and I want to open it! So badly! Fingers crossed I’ll get my hands on it today, but I’m having my doubts.
I’ll have to wait until after the weekend. I’m no patient person. This is horrible. Give me my books already!

For the first time in a long time, I don’t have anything planned this weekend, so those books would be welcome. Okay, no. I have plenty of books to read. But believe me, an empty calendar during a weekend? Rare! The only “plan” I have is to go to my mom, but that’s a fixed Friday night agreement. I guess she’s afraid she won’t see me ever again if she doesn’t make us come over every Friday, haha.

Apart from that… Sweet, sweet nothing. Yes, fellow bookworms, that translates into “give me my books and leave me alone” for me as well. Except maybe having some special us-time with my boyfriend, since that rarely happens with our busy weekends.
Most of our weekends are filled to the brim with friends and family. Fun occasions, of course, but sometimes you miss being at home and doing absolutely nothing. No social duties to fulfill. No cleaning to be done. God, I miss living at my mom’s sometimes, haha.

I was thinking about maybe going to a city we haven’t been before, to get away from all the chores – seeing them laying there, waiting to be executed is no fun… – so that might be something we’ll be doing.

Of course I also have some writing to do, being the end of the month and all. My June book haul will appear on Sunday – cause I’m just hoping so badly that I’ll get my hands on that package before then – and Monday you’ll read everything I read the past month! Even the books I read before I started Books & Munches.

By saying that, I read Roar by Cora Carmack this week and started reading Anna dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake. Honestly, I could’ve read more but I didn’t want Roar to end… So I’m hoping for a lot of reading this weekend! Fingers crossed that I can at least finish both Anna dressed in Blood and the sequel, Girl of Nightmares. 

Now, random question of the day. Is there a sentence – or multiple sentences – that you’ve read lately and that has been stuck in your head or glued to your heart for a while now? I’m curious cause I’m having this with something Locke said in Roar. I was having a “Go Locke!”-moment when I read it and reread it. Three times. And then saved it on my phone. And reread it. Again.

“You are exactly where you are supposed to be. And I am here with you. If you have questions, ask them. If you have fears, shed them. If you have doubts, give them to me and I will crush them beneath my heel. If you need help, I will provide it. Even if you only need someone to yell at, I can be that too. And when the time comes that you need someone to trust, I will be that person. I promise.”


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