TTT: 10 Hyped Books I’ve Never Read

Hi Munchworms!

I joined the TTT-party last Tuesday and was surprised to see that I just flew in to catch the last TTT before The Broke and the Bookish started their well-deserved break.

For me, this equaled being able to just choose one of the previously covered TTT’s to work with. Let’s just say I liked the TTT-meme immediately and I don’t feel like doing it once and then having to wait until August to join again, haha.

I just went over the list of previously used topics very quickly until one just flashed at me. Top Ten Hyped Books I’ve Never Read. I couldn’t name them immediately, so I was intrigued to find how ashamed I would end up.

Starting my research, I was still convinced that it couldn’t be that bad. Boy, was I mistaken…


In my defence, these are all books that I do plan on reading but my TBR is already huge as it is so I’m trying – yes, trying desperately – not to buy any books. But one day, I’ll be able to say I read them all!

Are there any books that you feel are so hyped up but you haven’t read? Do you plan on reading them or are you discarding them entirely?


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24 thoughts on “TTT: 10 Hyped Books I’ve Never Read

  1. The first two books in the TOG sucks ! It gets better after the third …and the Queen of shadows and the Empire of storms omg ! They’re the absolute best ! And the court of roses and thorns…well …only the mist and fury is nice .


    1. Haha. I guess opinions differ a lot. I’ve heard great things about all those books, sometimes a couple of lesser things. But it made me curious anyway, so reading them myself is going to be the best way to find out!

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  2. I’ve only read and finished the ACOTAR trilogy out of all the books above and I LOVED it. So, I definitely, definitely recommend those. As for some of the other books, I couldn’t get into. I hated Matched and the Red Queen so unfortunately I dropped the series after that. I own the Book Thief but I can’t get around to actually reading it. I read the first two books of the ToG series and they were amazing so there’s that. Ahhh! So many good books above! Great post by the way! 🙂

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    1. I’m really looking forward to ACOTAR!
      It’s funny how people’s opinions on books can be so different, haha. I’ve heard people saying they loved Matched, adored The Red Queen and others claiming they just DNF’ed them. Makes me curious whether or not I’m going to like them.

      Thanks! 😀

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    2. Oh yes! I genuinely hope you enjoy ACOTAR when you get around to it!
      A few of my friends have read both Matched and the Red Queen. Common consensus is that none of us were fond of Matched, but it wasn’t as easy to determine for the latter. I DNF’ed the book while most of my friends finished and enjoyed it to some extent. I guess everyone’s different!

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    1. There are so many copies out there, I think I got mine from a charity shop (thrift store) or something.


    2. There’s only one English bookstore in my city and it doesn’t really have the “big” books anymore. So I’ll have to see where I can order it. But it’ll have to wait since my book budget is kind of down the drain already, haha.


    3. I do, but I really prefer reading my books in English. I’ve even cleaned out my bookcases and got all my Dutch books in a separate closet, haha. English books are also a lot cheaper in comparison.

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    4. That’s interesting, I guess its all a question of the number of books published in each language


    5. Yup, pretty sure it is. And Dutch isn’t really a language that’s spoken in many places. Only in the Flemish part of Belgium and in the Netherlands, that’s practically it.


    6. and also Afrikaans is closely related (I have known south Africans and Dutch to be able to communicate without speaking English)

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    7. Oh, true! Forgot about that. I remember someone saying once it’s pretty similar but yet different and sometimes funny and difficult at the same time, haha.


    8. Well the Dutch settlers of South Africa is where the white population over there comes from.


    1. I *think* I ordered Matched last month, but I’m seriously not sure anymore. I ordered way too many books back then and they haven’t even arrived yet. [Which makes me itchy all over cause I want my books nownownow, even though I have plenty left to read.]

      Yeah, I don’t know what to expect of Caraval as well! Either they’re really enthusiastic about it, or they nearly burn the whole book to ashes. I have no idea how I’ll feel about it.. Which actually makes me even more curious as well, haha.


    2. Exactly! I read that Caraval is set in a world similar to Night Circus, so I started Night Circus to be able to tell when I read Caraval.

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    3. Always fun when you get to compare books that kind of have the same setting, haha. I’m sticking with the romantic books now – not on purpose. Just finished After You [Jojo Moyes] and my bag was stuffed so I was obliged to take a small book with me. So it seems The Notebook is next to be tackled, since it was literally the only one that I could stuff in my bag, haha.

      I’m so going to compensate as soon as I’ve finished it with starting a huge, big, thick book with way too many pages. :’)

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