Make Me Read It Read-A-Thon 2017


Hi Munchworms!

I’ve been drooling all over those Read-a-thons lately, so I decided to finally join one! And not just a regular one, no no no! I’m going to join the Make Me Read It Read-a-thon, hosted by Tea and TitlesΒ & The Innocent Smiley!

Basically, you guys get to pick what book I should read during the week of August 6th till August 13th. During the last weekend, I’ll be at a festival, so I won’t get much reading done then, but I just feel like joining in, ha!

I’ve created a poll on Goodreads with the books on my [physical] TBR-shelves that I’d like to read, so go ahead and vote!

You can do that here!


28 thoughts on “Make Me Read It Read-A-Thon 2017

  1. Totally had to vote for “The Night Circus” it is one of my all time favorite reads. This is my first read-a-thon as well and I am super excited about it. I am looking forwarding to seeing what each of us end up reading during it. I will definitely be checking back during it to see.

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  2. Voted for The Husbands Secret because I haven’t heard or read any of the ones on there but my mum loved this book and I trust her word haha.

    Hope you enjoy the readathon, I’m excited about it!!

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