Hi Munchworms!

Another week has flown by – at the speed of lightning it seems. So I’m back with a new Thank God, it’s Friday! A small weekly meme I started for myself to have some way keep y’all updated.
If you feel like joining me in this, just do so and pingback to one of my TGIF-posts!

Three Four subjects on my agenda this week! And the last one is the most interesting / fun one, doh.

Number one is the review I posted yesterday for Hearts Lie by Kestra Pingree. Honestly, she isn’t that known at all but Hearts Lie has so much potential in my eyes. I absolutely loved it and cannot wait to read the sequel one day. If you haven’t checked my review yet, do it now! Especially if you love a book with vampires and angels and demons and.. just.. Go here!

I didn’t read an awful lot this week though. Mainly because I lost myself in A Court of Mist and Fury and didn’t want it to end. After ACOMAF I have some eARC-reading to do so I wanted to drag it out a bit, haha.
Anyway, I finished it last night. Those of you following me on Twitter will probably have seen me freak once or twice. Because OMG what the hell was that?! I said I wasn’t going to write a review on ACOMAF, simply because you can already find so many awesome reviews. Plus I’m simply not the type to go all capslock on you guys.. Nope, no review!
But even so..
Buy it, read it, enjoy it! Seriously! That book was a freaking roller-coaster and I loved every second of it.
Oh, and I decided not to mention anything to my boyfriend until I give him soup. And put paint on the table. Get my gist? Maybe he’ll choke on his soup when I tell him why there’s paint on the table, but whatever. His face will be worth it. So worth it.

Number three!
It’s not that long now before the Make Me Read It Read-A-Thon starts, so if you haven’t voted yet: do so! You can find my post about it here or simply click here to go to my poll immediately.

Next and final point on my Friday-agenda!

Celebrating! Why are we celebrating? What are we celebrating? Are there prizes?!

We are almost celebrating that my sweet little blog is inching closer and closer towards 200 followers. Seriously, you guys. When I prepared this post I had 23 more to go and now I’m nearly there? You guys are awesome and crazy at the same time! And, I told you that there’d be a giveaway if I got there. Now I also asked what you guys would like and there was one very clear answer: books, doh.
So a book it is! I don’t know which one yet, or if I’ll be nice and give you options. I still have to figure out how I’m going to organize the whole thing. Just know that there will be a giveaway in the pretty near future!
For the record, if BookDepository delivers in your country, you can join the giveaway!
And now would be the time to shout the books you would like to receive. You’re my followers, so it only makes sense that I’m going to suggest books you like!

Let me know!



4 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. Ah I am a bit late to the Make Me Read Read-A-Thon! Had I known about it earlier, I would have joined in. Oh well, next time. But I did vote in your poll – so many good choices in there! And congrats on almost hitting 200 followers :O Maybe that will be me someday 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You can still join, no?! It only starts in a week!
      Thank you for the vote!
      Haha, it seems I’ve already knocked that milestone. Somehow. I’ve been staring like “O_O” for a couple of minutes now..
      I’m sure you’ll be able to tick that milestone off as well!


    2. Thanks! Yeah i know it’s not for a week but I have already got a line up for the next month so i will have to give it a pass this time 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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