Hi Munchworms!

As you all know, I’m going to participate in the Make Me Read It Read-a-thon and I’m also joining ARC August.
Apart from those two, I recently saw the Read-a-thin pass by thanks to Noriko @ Diary of a Bookfiend. After taking a quick look at the challenges, I figured.. Why not add this one as well?!

Maybe I’m getting a bit too enthusiastic when it comes to all those reading challenges and read-a-thons, but I can’t help myself!

The point is to kind of read books that you’ve had sitting around for a while and read them! You know all those random books you’ve bought in the last couple of months and haven’t got around to them? This is the perfect Read-A-Thon to participate in and read them!
I am, however, going to use some of my eARC’s for this since.. Well, ARC August and all that. But also because they count as books that I’ve been meaning to read for a while now.

The Read-A-Thin is hosted by Amanda @ A Court Of Books And Love , Chelsea @ A Very Bookish Girl, and Jessica @ JessicaMarie493.


You will have the entire month to read these books.
The goal is to complete 6 challenges!
You can double up on challenges. In other words, you can use one book for two different challenges!
So you only have to read 3 books in a month to completely finish the read-a-thon! Easy!


◊ Read a 2017 release
◊ Read a book that is the same color (or a similar color) as your birthstone [September, so sapphire]
◊ Read a diverse book
◊ Read a book with a title or author with the same first letter as the first letter in your first name [Which would be a ‘K’]
◊ Read a book that is related to your favorite emoji
◊ Read a book starting with a letter from TBR (the word “the” doesn’t count)
◊ Read a book with a summer themed cover
◊ Read a book with a warm colored cover (orange, red, yellow, brown)
◊ Start and finish a series
◊ Read a book in 24 hours
◊ Read a new to you author
◊ Book with water on the cover
◊ Read a book set in summer
◊ Buddy-read a book
◊ Read a book recommended to you by someone in the book community
◊ Read a guilty pleasure read
◊ Read an adult/new adult book
◊ Read a book outside of your favorite genre

I know most of the participants are saying which challenges / books they’ll be doing in advance, but since I’m such a mood reader.. I’m not going to do that! I’m reading whatever I like and am in the mood for and will see what challenges I can tick off afterwards.
I won’t be double-tagging, though!

Since I’m a bit late to the party – with posting this post, that is – I’ve already ticked of a couple challenges. So it’s safe to say I’m off to a good start!

Are you participating in any challenges or read-a-thons this month? Which ones?

Don’t forget to follow me and especially don’t forget to check my giveaway if you haven’t yet!



The picture on top of this post is taken from the blog post of one of the hosts of this read-a-thon. I don’t claim any rights to this picture.

19 thoughts on “Read-A-Thin

  1. All these read-a-thons are looking really interesting and I keep thinking I’d love to join in on one! Where are the original rules/posting for this one? It’s looks like one of the better one’s I’ve seen.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It seems like everyone is participating in readathons and challenges this month! Sadly, August is a busy month for me but I look forward to seeing everyone’s progress and I wish you the best of luck!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So I was planning on having a chill month in August after all the ReadAthon craziness in July. That didn’t last long.
    I was going to participate in this one but I already had 2 ReadAThons planned and I thought 3 would be a bit much and now I’m doing a reading quest as well so I’m glad I decided not to or this month would be crazy!
    I’m doing the Duodecathon, Rainbow ReadAThon & #TheReadingQuest this month.

    Goodluck with the ReadAThons & ARC August!

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    1. Haha, I’ve never done anything like these so I’m immediately jumping in blind, hoping I don’t crash.
      I’m glad I can combine them a bit, so that’s a relief already.
      I like crazy though, so I’m going to enjoy it nevertheless!

      The Reading Quest looked interesting as well but I honestly don’t think adding something else to my August-pile is a smart move, haha.

      Thank you!

      Good luck and have fun to you too!

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    1. Haha; I like pressure! Can’t help it, but it actually motivates me, haha.
      Besides, I figured I’d be able to use books from the Make Me Read It read-a-thon for this one as well. And my ARC’s for ARC August are bound to fit in as well. I hope.. Haha!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. haha that sounds good! maybe i’ll join in later too! 😀
      usually i also like the pressure, but i did so many challenges in the past months, that it really got me into a reading slump. and i don’t want that to happen again :O

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