Review: Lost to You by A.L. Jackson

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Afbeeldingsresultaat voor lost to you al jacksonNot that long ago I stumbled upon a review of an awesome fellow blogger, All Things Nerdy Florale, on Lost to You by A.L. Jackson. At first I was all “Okay, I want to check this out, but I’m sure it’s going to get lost in my huge TBR so…”
And then came the awesome news that this book was free at that moment! Hallelujah!

Honestly, I wasn’t planning on reading it immediately but stupid Kathy forgot her book one day and had nothing to read so… Yeah, I downloaded this on my Kindle-app and there you go. I read it in about two and a half hours, haha.

People come into our lives. Some stay, and many go. Some build us up, while most tear us down. They become our friends, our enemies, our lovers, our tormentors. Christian Davison came into mine, and I knew I’d never be the same.

To Elizabeth Ayers, New York City had always been a dream. She’s worked her entire young life to make it here.

Groomed to one day take over his father’s law firm, attending Columbia University was Christian Davison’s only option.

Neither wanted anything more until they sat across from each other at a café table after being paired as study partners. Christian wants her, but Elizabeth knows better than to give into their intense attraction. Yet there is little she can do to stay away.

It’s a lovely book to lose yourself in for a short amount of time, that’s something that definitely needs to be said. I completely lost myself in it – I nearly got off my train too late actually… – and that’s always a good thing! But not if you actually forget to get off your train on time, haha.

Elizabeth and Christian were portrayed beautifully with the point of view switching between them all the time. The only thing that annoyed me a couple of times is that you get to relive the same situations from both perspectives.. I didn’t really need that?
I don’t know. I would’ve liked it better if the point of view just changed during the situation, if you know what I mean.

Being around him had become a risk I was willing to take.

You could say that their story is the “same old lovey-dovey” as any other typical teenage romance book but it really didn’t feel that way! You see how their friendship blossoms, grows and fights to become something more. You feel their struggle to keep their friendship just that.
It makes it that much sweeter when they finally collide and the world is on fire – before it breaks down again because.. Of course that has to happen. Only in Lost to You it’s in a way that I absolutely loved. It made the whole book feel original!

I’m giving this lovely read a 4 / 5!

If you’re interested in reading this as well, Lost to You is the prequel to A.L. Jackson’s Take This Regret-series.
You can add the book to your Goodreads-TBR or you can just hop on over and buy it on, BookDepository or any other site you normally use!

Because this was such a cozy read with some interesting hot stuff along the way, I’m adding this lovely chocolate fondue to it because.. you know.. chocolate?

Don’t forget my giveaway!!



I got this copy on for free. I am not being compensated for my review in any way. All opinions are entirely my own.

11 thoughts on “Review: Lost to You by A.L. Jackson

  1. Yay!!!🎉
    I can’t believe you read it!!!🙀
    Your review was able to convey everything I wanted to say but in a very eloquent and fluent manner.👏🏽😍You have a way with words that make me look forward to reading your book reviews. While I know you loved it, I can’t help but ask, you said a while back you didn’t know whether to thank me or curse me, guess my question is, have you read the synopsis for the the next book?📚😅

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, yes I did!

      Oh god, that’s such a huge compliment. Thank you!!!

      I was going to thank you instead of curse you, but I had purposely not read the synopsis for the next book since my August TBR is packed.. I’m back to cursing you. I feel like I NEED the sequel now.


      Liked by 1 person

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