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Hi Munchworms!

It’s the last week of The Broke and Bookish‘s hiatus, so it’s the last time I had to find my own TTT-subject. Thank the skies because it wasn’t easy, really. So thank you for coming back and giving me subjects to write my posts on, haha!

Okay, for this week I went for something different than a list of books. I’ve had this subject in mind ever since I started this blog, so decided to use TTT and beat two birds with one stone!

This isn’t so much a top ten as a list of ten habits I have before, during and after reading. I’m sure all of you have some habits – consciously or not.
Honestly when finishing this post I realized my habits kind of equal my whole reading / reviewing process.. Oh well!

Number one: I’m always staring at my bookcase or eARC’s for at least five minutes before picking the next book I’ll be reading. Simply because I need a moment to evaluate my mood – hi mood readers out there – and want to pick a book that I’ll actually read and not put aside after two or three chapters.

Number two: Taking all my necessities! The chosen book – or my Kindle -, my notebook, red and black pens, blanket and something to drink. All these things are brought to my couch, bed or armchair, depending on where I feel like reading.

IMG_0737Number three: Review preparations! When reading an ARC, I fill in the template I made with all the info I need when I start writing my review. When it’s one of my owned books, I write down the title and author of the book in my notebook – red pen. Immediately after that it’s time to jot down my “first thoughts” about the cover and blurb.
I do this right then and there because I don’t want my opinion of the actual book to be biased when giving my opinions on those two subjects.

Number four: I can never help myself! I have to check how many pages there are! I recently discovered the reason for this when I caught myself not being able to stop reading just before the middle of the book. Nope, I had to read until I was passed it so I could say I’m “already halfway”! I have no clue why I do that – anyone any ideas?

Number five: Writing down / highlighting quotes! Pretty sure I’m not the only one who does this. I always use at least one quote in my reviews, but I also have a little notebook with quotes I’d like to remember. I always jot them down in my notebook first [or highlight them on my Kindle] and then, when I finish reading, decide which ones are good enough to be put in The Notebook and which ones aren’t, haha.

If you comment with your weirdest reading habit or reading pet peeve, you get an extra entry in my giveaway!

Number six: Same as when contemplating my next book, I need a couple of minutes to digest a book as well. Okay, sometimes more than “a couple of minutes”, I admit. Usually I just sit there, hugging my book or Kindle while processing the ending, gathering my thoughts, coming up with things I really want you guys to know about that book.

Number seven: Munches! Those of you who’ve read some of my reviews know I try to link some kind of food / dish to each book I read. This makes it more fun and more challenging for me as well, haha. I need to come up with things that I think fit the story, book or characters and then hope I already have a picture of it. If not, I have to start cooking, or baking – or, even better, have to go out and get it somewhere else.

Number eight: Review-time! It might not seem like a habit to some, but others will understand when I say it is. After reading a book, contemplating everything, jotting in my notebook like a crazy person, I just need to get it out. I need to write my review, stash my feelings in there and share my thoughts about what I just read.
For me, personally, this is some kind of closure for the book, a way to empty my head and have a clean slate for the next book I’ll be reading. Most of the time, that is. You know, book hangovers.. Haha!

Number nine: This is actually more of a ritual than a habit, but I guess I still see it as a habit too. When everything is wrapped up – book read, processed and review written – it’s time to give it a place in my bookcase. Since it’s fully stacked, it’s often a hassle to find that perfect spot where it just fits in so this makes it even more fun – puzzling with books, yay! When I put it in there, I also give it a little pat-pat. Like a “good job”-pat-pat, get it?

Number ten: This is a habit that I’m still ‘teaching’ myself and hasn’t got anything to do with books or reading. After putting away my latest read, I make a point of sitting down with my boyfriend and watching an episode from any kind of show.
It’s one of those things we like doing together, but if I’m in the middle of a book I really can’t focus on television. I just want to get back to my book.. So we kind of made a deal that we’re watching at least one episode together before I can start my next book, haha.
In a way it’s a good things because it’s some extra time to have that clean slate!

Do you do any of these things?
I realize most book reviewers have very different processes when it comes to writing their reviews, so I really am curious about this!
And of course if you have any weird habits, haha. I really tried thinking of weird things I do when I’m reading but I just.. don’t? Maybe that’s the weird habit. Not doing anything weird.

This post turned out way longer than I intended, so.. give yourself a pat on the shoulder if you read the whole thing!



14 thoughts on “TTT: Reading habits

  1. This I should a great list of bookish habits. I always see how many pages are in a book and will continue reading until I get to a certain percentage – I get really upset if Goodreads has a different number of pages to me.
    I have got out of this habit now, but I used to have to read full chapters. I could not put a book down until I had finished a chapter – it took me ages to ‘train’ myself out of the habit 😂

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    1. Haha! Goodreads is indeed annoying like that. I also get frustrated by my Kindle sometimes, since ARC’s never show page numbers, only the “location”.
      Happened once that my Kindle said I was on 82% of the book, and then: THE END. Discovered the remaining 18% were all blurbs from other books. Now that pissed me off a bit, haha!

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  2. This is an interesting list of bookish habits. I just need a book and a place to sit and/or lay down. Though sometimes having something to drink and possibly an easy to handle snack is also helpful, particularly when settling in for long reading sessions.

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  3. I’m definitely a mood reader. I just finished History is All You Left Me but I haven’t picked up another book yet because I’m waiting to see where my mood takes me! I wish I used a notebook to write down my thoughts as I read a book. I leave it too late and then when it comes to reviewing I’ve forgotten all the things I picked out when I started reading it!


  4. I love highlighting quotes in books!! Sticky noting passages is also a favorite of mine. There’s nothing better than flipping through a book you’ve read before and seeing all the parts you love jump right out at you 🙂

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    1. I need sticky notes.. Ever since I started using my Kindle more and got used to highlighting, I feel completely lost when I want to “highlight” something in a physical book, haha. Constantly taking pictures of pages now, but that just isn’t the same..

      *I’ll go sticky note hunting soon*

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  5. haha, i love this topic and your answers! i find myself in some of them. the notebook and highlighting equipment = me. 😀
    i also look how many pages a book has, but not just that. before i start a chapter, i ALWAYS look, how long it is. i just need to check, i don’t know why! 😀

    another habit of mine is music. i need to put on music, before i start reading. sometimes it takes me a while to choose which playlist comes on next.

    and the last thing is, that i need to be up to date with my phone. this means: all messages answered. all comments answered. all current blog posts read. all booktube videos watched. checked instagram and posted a picture on instagram. if i haven’t done any of these things, i can’t concentrate on my book. this usually means, that i get to reading way later than i wanted to 😀

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