TTT: Books I read for or during school

Hi Munchworms!

First, I’d like to take a moment to mourn – but not really – my book buying ban, because I just pre-ordered Warcross. Nope, no guilt. None whatsoever!
And let’s also take a moment to properly freak over the fact that my boyfriend already bought my birthday gift – September 15th, people. Write that down! – because we’ll be on road trip when I turn.. 25. Time flies.. Ugh.

Okay, everybody done mourning celebrating and freaking? No? Okay, then go on while you find out this week’s Top Ten Tuesday!

The Broke and the Bookish  have returned with their weekly Top Ten Tuesdays! Yay!

Today’s topic are books that I read for or during school. Accordingly I split them up in two groups – to give you guys an idea what I actually had to read for my classes, ha!

As usual, every picture is the link to Goodreads so you can read the blurbs and add them to your TBR if you like!

Books I read during school

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Harry Potter, #1)Twilight (Twilight, #1)City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments, #1)

Books I read for school

AtonementSecret SmileThe Miraculous Journey of Edward TulaneThe Great GatsbyAnimal FarmOranges Are Not the Only FruitWhat I Was

What books did you have to read for school? Any books that have conquered your heart? Books you completely loathed? Tell me!

Oh, and don’t forget about Sequel September!



46 thoughts on “TTT: Books I read for or during school

  1. I’m always amazed with what you have to read for school. A reading list wasn’t a thing when I was in high school (the Netherlands) which makes me feel so old, haha. I think I would have loved to read The Animal Farm though. That is still on my to read.

    Book buying bans are made to be broken. 😉

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    1. We did get a little list, but really a little one of which we had to pick at least three. But at least we had a bit of freedom, haha. [Belgium, by the way! :)]
      I have to reread Animal Farm some day. That was the one book that we had to read in class and analyze after every page so it took the joy out of reading for me. Which is why I really want to reread it.

      True! [And I kind of already did but I’m not counting it until the book has arrived since it’s a pre-order, haha!]

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    1. I had to get into it for some time, but really enjoyed it!
      I reread The Great Gatsby a little while back and, honestly, I struggled almost the whole time. I just couldn’t get into it and thought it kept dragging on and on.. Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood because I loved it when I had to read it for school, haha.

      Thank you!! 🙂


    2. You’re so welcome! I don’t think I would love The Great Gatsby nearly as much if I hadn’t had to analyze and really study it in school! I want to do a reread soon and see if my thoughts are different now! 😀

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  2. I didn’t have to read any of the books you read for school!! Also, I didn’t care for very many of the ones I did have to read (until I went to college– those books were pretty damn good). The Outsiders and The Canterbury Tales were probably the only 2 that I really even liked at all.

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    1. Pretty funny how we all have to read different books; but that’ll have a lot to do with where we grew up, haha.
      I only mentioned books that I enjoyed at least a little bit – simply because I can barely remember which one I absolutely loathed. Those are banned from my mind..
      Haven’t read those two! Will have to check them out and see if they’re up my alley, haha.

      Thanks for stopping by!! ^-^


  3. Wow, where did you go to school? Things I was supposed to read for class were SO. BORING. I never actually read them – that is, not until I went and got gymnasium certificates for Dutch and English in order to get into uni.
    So you are inching towards the other side of the twenties. Don’t worry, there’s cookies on this side too! 😉 HAve fun on your road trip! Where are you headed?

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    1. Belgium! Eeklo, to be exact. And afterwards uni in Ghent. My list is a mix of the two though, haha. I did get some freedom when it came to what I wanted to read because my teachers knew that I read a lot anyway.
      Yup, slowly getting there. As long as there’s cookies, fine by me!

      We’re going along the coast of France, then heading to Italy, Austria and back home through Germany. I’m sooo looking forward to it, haha! 😀


    2. God knows I wish I had teachers like that… Here it’s really all about certain ‘canon’ books or authors everybody apparently should read, most of which are unfathomably boring (at least to my teenage self). My high school English teacher was great though; he let me read Narnia while the rest of the class were doing these weird magazines.

      Ooh, that sounds like a great trip! Have fun!!

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    3. Well, authors everybody nowadays should read: Angie Thomas, Sarah J. Maas, [Let’s throw in some] Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, maybe even some Marissa Meyer, John Green [obviously!], and so many others!
      Really, they should keep there reading lists up-to-date so students don’t get bored and start to hate reading. They haven’t even discovered actual reading at that point and they’re already being discouraged..
      [End of rant, haha.]
      That’s an awesome teacher indeed! [Ugh, I still have to read Narnia..]

      Thanks!! 😀


  4. I read ‘The Great Gatsby’ too! I also was a little disappointed we didn’t get to read ‘Animal Farm’, but I know some of the other classes did. I read ‘1984’ earlier this year and I am defs planning to get around to reading ‘Animal Farm’ too 🙂

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    1. I actually reread The Great Gatsby earlier this year and just didn’t seem to get into it somehow. Only the last quarter of the book really sucked me in. Such a pity because I remember loving it!

      Animal Farm is on my “to re-read” list as well. At the time I didn’t feel like reading it so I just skimmed over it a bit, haha.

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