#GetGraphic Readathon

Hi Munchworms!

In order of OWNtober – where I’m reading as many of my own books as I can – I decided to look up some other read-a-thons going on this month.

One of those is the Get Graphic Readathon, which is hosted by , & !

This read-a-thon starts on October 6th at 5 pm in your own timezone and runs until Sunday 8th midnight.

Now you probably all have noticed that I don’t read any graphic novels or manga, but I’ve been meaning to change that for a while now! Especially since my boyfriend got me the Death Note box for my birthday.

Anyway, since the whole point of this read-a-thon is reading anything with graphics, I’m going to try and read all of the Death Note manga’s! I also have the first two parts of Fairy Tail, so I’ll be trying to read those as well.
I have no clue how fast I’ll be able to read since it’s my first time ever reading manga’s, so I’ll just see how I end up doing, haha!

I’m not going consciously to join in the challenges – mentioned in the picture above – since I’d rather focus on discovering whether or not manga’s my thing.

Anyway, my TBR for the weekend:

Death Note Box SetFairy Tail, Vol. 1 (Fairy Tail, #1)Fairy Tail, Vol. 02 (Fairy Tail, #2)

Doesn’t that box look awesome?!

Are you joining in? Let me know so I can take a look at your TBR’s!



10 thoughts on “#GetGraphic Readathon

  1. If I had enough graphic novels laying around then I could totally do well with this readathon. Sadly, I am caught up on stuff and have to watch my spending for the next couple weeks.

    But I hope you enjoy Death Note and Fairy Tail.

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