WWW: November 1st

Hi Munchworms!

WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam @ Taking On A World of Words where you answer three fixed questions.

I know I’m ridiculously late with today’s post but… Life happened? I was supposed to go to a Halloween movie night last night but we somehow ended up in our favorite pub. Oops.
So let’s just say that I didn’t sleep much. Add to that my brother’s boyfriend and his wife coming over for dinner in… 45 minutes? We still had to clean the entire apartment so, yeah. I promise I’ll catch up on comments and replies tomorrow!

What are you currently reading?

 Eleanor Oliphant is Completely FineBecause You Love to Hate Me: 13 Tales of Villainy

Yes, they’re still on my CR. Ugh.. Oh, and let’s add the ones that have been on it for months on end?

The First Fifteen Lives of Harry AugustInterview with the Vampire (The Vampire Chronicles, #1)Dracula

What did you recently finish reading?

They Both Die at the End

What are you reading next?


So, what books did you get to read this past week?

 Are you joining Remember November?!
Please don’t make me battle my 2017 goals on my own.. 

Remember November



17 thoughts on “WWW: November 1st

  1. So Eleanor Oliphant isn’t really working out for you? Is it the language or does the story not hold your attention? Should be an interesting review :-). Does it help if I tell you it’s worth it in the end, because it is worth it! I’m reading They Both Die At The End soon, I certainly hope that’s worth it but I already love the title and I want to be gutted !

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    1. I have no clue why I can’t seem to get into it. Maybe it’s because I’m putting a bit of pressure on myself with all the books I have to read? I don’t know. I haven’t read decently for three days now so I think I might pick it up later today and see where my head’s at, haha.
      You’re not the first to tell me that! I definitely want to finish it, I just want to make sure I’m feeling the story and not just skimming over the pages. :’) Would’ve finished it by now if I’d let myself do that but I refuse, haha.

      That book made me cry like a freaking baby. I started reading it with “I’m definitely going to cry at the end.” After a couple of chapters “Nope. I’m stopping myself from getting attached. I AM NOT. GETTING. ATTACHED.” Halfway through: tearing up. At the end: BABY. So.. keep the tissues around? Haha.

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    2. Just leave Eleanor Oliphant for a later time then .. you’re right that you need to feel her and the story.. then you might even cry in the end here as well (not that I cried but it takes a lot to make me cry reading.. quite the opposite in real life).

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    3. I’ve been reading a bit more in Eleanor Oliphant and I’m more often going “Why the hell are you saying that?!” “DON’T DO THAT” than anything else. I might be getting in the right place, haha. Although I think I’ll just pick up some light Christmas read as soon as I’m done with blog-stuff for the day. I need something cozy.
      Usually I don’t cry easy either but I’ve been on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster with so much going on in my boyfriend’s family and it makes it a whole lot easier for books to get to me. :’)

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