Wrap-up: Remember November

Remember November
Hi Munchworms!

My main goal this year was the Popsugar Reading Challenge, for which I only had three prompts left.

∞ A book with a cat on the cover ∞
A book with a family-term in the title
∞ A book that takes place over a character’s life span ∞
DNF’d the The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August so I need to pick another book for this prompt…

Fairy Tail, Vol. 1 (Fairy Tail, #1)Daughter of Smoke & Bone (Daughter of Smoke & Bone, #1)The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August


Another goal I set myself was trying to get my “Currently reading” on Goodreads to 1.
I honestly have to admit that I’ve simply put Dracula and Interview with the Vampire back on my owned-TBR. I simply couldn’t find the motivation and it’s hardly the point of forcing myself to read…
As for The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August, I finally decided to go with a DNF. I started this months ago and remember having a hard time already because of the scientific discussions on time travelling, the long sentences and… I just wasn’t interested in it all that much. Which means I need to find a new book to cross off my last Popsugar Reading Challenge book as well, haha.

So my currently reading-shelf looks like this right now:

Days of Blood & Starlight (Daughter of Smoke & Bone, #2)


wanted to decrease my physical TBR-pile down to 100 books, but.. Nope.
Currently I’m at 125 and they just keep on coming..


As for my eARC’s… I’ve tried!
For some reason I also requested more *eARC’s. NetGalley really is temptation for every book blogger out there, isn’t it?

Christmas at the Candied Apple Café – Katherine Garbera
Busted – Gina Ciocca
Shoot the Moon – Kate Watson
This Heart of Mine – C.C. Hunter
*The Cruel Prince – Holly Black
*A Winter’s Wish Come True – Lynsey James
*Paris Adrift – E.J. Swift

Songlines – Carolyn Denman
Sweet Dreams Baby – C.J. Carmichael
A Match Made By Chloe – T.B. Pearl
If Only For a Time – January Fields

Swan Song – Charlotte Wilson
Poets, Artists, Lovers: A Novel – Mira Tudor
Almost Invincible – Kristen Brand
The Fragile Thread of Hope – Pankaj Giri
James: Witch-Hunter – Kelly Marsden

It appears I went from 13 eARC’s / author requests to… 8!
I’d say that’s decent and… half an accomplishment?


What do you think?
Would you have focused on eARC’s more than I did?

And for the people who joined: how did you do?!



30 thoughts on “Wrap-up: Remember November

  1. Hey, it sounds to me like you did pretty fabulous-ly! XD That’s definitely accomplished in my opinion. 🙂 I did alright this month; I definitely didn’t get everything done that I had hoped/needed to, but the list is short enough now that I MIGHT be able to do it. Key word: might.

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    1. Haha, in the end I did, but the biggest challenge I set myself is still the one I’m going to fail enormously at. I started my owned TBR at 150, at one point got it down to 120 and now it’s nearing 140 again, haha. :’D That goal’s out of the window for this year, that’s for sure. 😛
      I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you succeed! 😀

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    2. Hahaha oopsies! I totally understand the feeling. I’m about ~150 (maybe a little more right now) as well and it’s really getting out of hand (they just keep getting pushed to the back burner as I use my library all the time and I hardly ever even pick an owned book up). Hence why my main goal for 2018 will be to get my TBR down. My realistic goal is 100 books down (so down to about 50), but my optimistic goal is to read 150 (down to almost nothing). That would be so amazing, haha!

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    3. That’s why I’m starting to be grateful to my library for not having a lot of English books in their section – and definitely no recent releases either. Otherwise my TBR would be an even bigger disaster!

      I already typed out the whole list of my physical TBR to put on my blog. I’m going to try and remove as many off of it as possible in 2018, haha. *Also adding a new list for the books I buy in 2018 – simply so I can shame myself like crazy by the end of the year*

      I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you can succeed at that, haha!

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    4. Haha this is true! That would definitely limit my problem.
      Nice! All of the challenges I signed up for in 2018 I made sure were from my physical TBR, so even if I read a few libary books, it won’t be the main thing I “need” to do for blogging purposes.
      Thank you so much! I’ll need it! XD

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    5. I’m just going to see along the way. I never know in advance what challenges I’ll be doing during the month so yeah, haha. And I don’t want to fixate TOO much on my own TBR because then I’ll end up reading anything but my own books.. :’)

      Haha, don’t we all!

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  2. You still did great with Remember November, Kathy.

    Suggestions for your final PopSugar challenge prompt…try reading something like Dewey: the Small-Town Library Cat that Changed the World by Vicki Myron, or Old Yeller, or Marley & Me…those basically all follow the lifespan of a pet, who is a character in the story, so I’d say they qualify.

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  3. you did really good girl!!! and it’s your own fault requesting so much!! but going from 13 to 8 is awesome!! 🙂 just don’t put too much pressure on yourself! you should have fun and not stress read through all those books! :* ❤

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  4. I think you did great! NetGalley is indeed quite a temptation for us book bloggers for getting an opportunity to read books before publication, but it also contributes to our ever mounting TBR…. lol Like two edged sword!!

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    1. I know right!
      I’m trying not to get tempted anymore, but.. Haha. Also I’ve been trying to figure out Edelweiss to see if I can get more of the ARC’s I’d like to read through there but so far I still think it’s complicated.. :’) Maybe it’s for the better since my TBR won’t explode more that way..

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    2. In my case, my blog hasn’t got as much traffic as yours and me being japanese and living in japan kind of makes it more difficult to get approved for eARCs. (I’ve been rejected my request at least three times out of 8 requests that I have made).
      More than anything, my physical TBR is literally overflowing and getting out of control… I need to read them BEFORE I send a request for NetGalley. Haha!

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    3. It does suck that the country you live in has such an influence on things, doesn’t it? You might wish you live in Belgium for that reason, while I’m also wishing to live in the UK or the US when it comes to those eARC’s, haha. [Just proves that we always want more, I guess. :’)]
      I KNOW! I’m having the same problem. But I’m trying to deal with it by switching between my own books and eARC’s all the time. I do think it’s making a difference, but still… Having no eARC’s / author requests pending would be a huge benefit to my own unread books.. Maybe one day.. :p

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    4. Ohh, I see. that’s clever! Intentionally switching back and forth between my own physical books and e-books will helps us reduce down our TBR!

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    5. So true 🙂 Forcing myself to read something I’m not in the mood for would never work lol I am a 100% mood reader! :’-)

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    6. Yuup, same here! It’s why I’ve been distracted while reading the Daughter of Shadow & Bone trilogy. For some reason the weather makes me crave romances so I’m constantly picking up those instead of reading the sequels of DoS&B.. [This isn’t a good sign for Sequel September, is it? Already! :’)]

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