Why I won’t be reading the sequel: Before She Ignites by Jodi Meadows


Hi Munchworms!

Before She Ignites (Fallen Isles Trilogy #1)A while back, I won myself a copy of Before She Ignites with the Owl-crate cover. To say I was thrilled about that? Understatement! Who doesn’t like unique covers, right?


Mira Minkoba is the Hopebearer. Since the day she was born, she’s been told she’s special. Important. Perfect. She’s known across the Fallen Isles not just for her beauty, but for the Mira Treaty named after her, a peace agreement which united the seven islands against their enemies on the mainland.

But Mira has never felt as perfect as everyone says. She counts compulsively. She struggles with crippling anxiety. And she’s far too interested in dragons for a girl of her station.


Then Mira discovers an explosive secret that challenges everything she and the Treaty stand for. Betrayed by the very people she spent her life serving, Mira is sentenced to the Pit–the deadliest prison in the Fallen Isles. There, a cruel guard would do anything to discover the secret she would die to protect.

No longer beholden to those who betrayed her, Mira must learn to survive on her own and unearth the dark truths about the Fallen Isles–and herself–before her very world begins to collapse.

The good

Let’s start with saying I read this book for Diverse December. Yes, it took me this long to finish my review… Sue me… Even though it’s a fantasy novel, our MC – Mira – suffers from panic attacks which translates itself in OCD-like counting. She can’t help counting everything. Steps she takes, the number of pillars, lights, tiles. Anything. Seeing diverse rep in fantasy is honestly something that’s so rare to me. I loved it!

Another thing I liked is the descriptive style of Meadows’ writing. I could easily imagine walking the halls and roaming the rooms Mira found herself in. Beautifully written!

This wasn’t fair. I was being punished for trying to do the right thing. I should have been rewarded.

The bad

But that honestly is the one thing I liked about the writing. The story flows – true – but the pace is just.. so.. slow.. I think I could pretty much summarize the entire 480 pages in ten sentences and you might not miss out on much? I feel like so much more could’ve happened. Not to mention the fact that multiple POV’s could’ve made the story much more interesting.

So, obviously, Mira’s the only POV you’re getting. Apart from the panic attacks and endless counting, she’s really a vain yet insecure girl. She thinks she only gets benefits because of her status and beauty. She doubts herself all the time.
But then, all of a sudden. Out of the blue, it’s like she completely changes? She comes up for herself, fights her own battles and suddenly actually uses her voice. Just like that. Even when she’s risking a whole lot more than just herself, which made her seem so selfish in my eyes. I instantly disliked her and didn’t really enjoy reading anymore…

“Imperfections reveal true beauty.”


26793499_10214056628666349_1712005084_nTwo cupcakes, because I honestly believe I will never reread this book nor will I pick up the sequel. The idea’s good but I just don’t like the way this book is written.

As for the munches, honeyed duck! As it happens, my boyfriend and I had honeyed duck on Christmas Eve as a starter and I was smart enough to take a picture of it, haha. It was my first time eating duck and it didn’t disappoint – although it wouldn’t be my top choice.

Have you ever eaten duck?
Read this book? Do you agree with what I said?



18 thoughts on “Why I won’t be reading the sequel: Before She Ignites by Jodi Meadows

  1. OH no, I’m so sorry that book wasn’t for you :/ it’s so interesting that the main character suffers from panic attacks, we too rarely see fantasy books with characters like that somehow and that’s a shame, I think it’d be great to have characters battling with mental illness in fantasies, too! 🙂

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  2. Yep, this book was incredibly slow. I wouldn’t call it boring, because I wanted to know what happened to the main character. But Mira was such a flat narrator! And like you said, she suddenly changed out of the blue???
    And, yes, I had duck in Beijing last summer! It was super good!

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    1. True! I wouldn’t call it boring either because you’re still curious about what’ll happen – especially with the dragons – but it’s still so.. disappointing.. And Mira.. Ugh, no words, really.
      Duck has such a special taste though! Not my favorite but I did enjoy it. Definitely going to try it again sometime but then.. maybe cooked by someone who actually knows what they’re doing instead of a boyfriend who likes experimenting with food a bit too much at times, haha.


  3. I completely agree! Before She Ignites was one of my least favorite books last year, because I found it to be so tedious and unengaging. I didn’t think that the plot was very suspenseful and I also had problems with Mira. She totally changed without any reason and even before I found her to be a pretty weak character.

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    1. Right! This could’ve been so much better if executed differently, just written differently. And let’s change half the plot and the MC. It could’ve been perfect!
      It’s always such a bummer to read books that end up disappointing you.. Especially since I was looking forward to a book with dragons and then.. *sigh*

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  4. Sorry that it was a bit of a disappointment to you, Kathy! I would have gotten frustrated if the pacing is just so slow… I might DNF it if I were you! Honeyed duck… my taste buds just can’t imagine what it tastes like! 😉

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