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Hi Munchworms!

Twitter has been blowing up about certain authors being accused of harassment. I couldn’t let this pass by without saying my piece about it. So here it goes. 

I’ve never made a big secret out of it, I’m quite open about it and I certainly do not mind stating it on my blog. It is my safe space after all so, prepare yourselves if you’re easily triggered by the subject of harassment or rape.

Also, sorry to the people I know in real life who didn’t know this before today. This might come as a shock to some of you but don’t forget that I’m still me. Do not treat me differently all of a sudden. I’m not a porcelain doll ready to break whenever the subject comes up.

I’ve been raped. When I was fifteen, I was raped by a guy four years older than I was. I also had a childhood filled with mental abuse. Both those things have had a huge influence on my life, on every aspect of it.
Right before I was raped, I finally found my own voice and the courage to speak up for myself. That quickly vanished for a while after that event although I didn’t really let it show. I just let everything pass me by. I was numb for years before I realized that it wasn’t the way I wanted to live my life. That I had to be more open about it, find the courage to talk about it and start letting it go in some small way.

I will never let it go entirely. It is, after all, a part of me, of who I am. I’m not ashamed of it; nobody should be. It is not your fault something like that happened to you. People might say you shouldn’t dress a certain way, behave a certain way or even go certain places if you want to avoid those things happening to you. In the end, though, they are wrong. We shouldn’t have to hide ourselves in fear of how others will treat us. There should be respect, everywhere, towards every single person out there.

Hearing about authors being accused of harassment definitely hurts me. I wish the world wasn’t like this and people would just… not do things like that but I guess that’s not possible. There will always be evil in this world and that’s a form of it as well. We can only try so hard to ban it from our lives.
I don’t mean to say we should turn a blind eye to it. Not at all. On the contrary. We should face it head on, try to find ways to make people see it’s wrong.

For me, it also means I don’t want to support people like that in any way. I don’t want to own anything of those people. I don’t want that in my life, in my home. That’s why I decided to look up the authors who’re being accused of harassment and unhaul the books I own that are written by them.
I cannot, will not support someone who has harassed anyone, in whatever way. It goes against everything I believe in and I’m sure I’m not the only one. I just can’t let it slide by and ignore it.
The only thing I’m still trying to make my mind up about is whether or not I should mention the reason why to whoever wants to take those books off my hands?

If you’re a victim of harassment, rape, abuse… Do not let it beat you down. Try talking about it. Try. I know it is hard, especially the first couple of times. It’ll never be easy, but it’ll definitely get a bit easier. Talking about it might even encourage others to start talking about it as well.
Feel free to contact me if you have the need to talk. My door’s wide open.

Do not be ashamed. You did nothing wrong. The other person did.



63 thoughts on “Discussion: Authors being accused

  1. I’m sorry you have gone through that but I applaud you for talking about it and sharing it with others who might have gone through something similar. I haven’t heard of most of these authors and I don’t think I have any books by the ones I have heard of. However I do need to go through my TBR on Goodreads because I’m sure I have some books on there by a couple of these authors and I don’t want to support them after hearing this either.

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    1. Thank you, Misty.

      I knew immediately that I own books by two of those authors so I decided then and there that they’d have to go. Also cleaned out my Goodreads-shelves. I’m even considering making a shelf for authors I definitely do NOT want to support in any way possible..

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    2. I’ve considered that as well but think I might just add a message on top saying I read and wrote that review before I knew about the accusations. I’m keeping the reviews, but stating that I do not support the author anymore in any way. It’s one more way to show people what’s going on and let them know if they didn’t yet..

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  2. So sorry to hear about what happened to you and it’s really great that you didn’t let it control your life. I don’t understand what kind of mindset people are having when they throw all the blames on the one who has suffered and turn blind eye to monsters. Why they don’t understand this only is encouraging evils and nothing good is happening by blaming sufferers. I so agree with your thoughts in this post. Keep fighting and never stop being strong.

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    1. Thank you!

      It honestly baffles me that people are so quick to judge the victim instead of looking at the one who DID the wrong thing. I hope the world will change on that front eventually but I think it’ll be a long, long while before that ever happens.. Until then we can only try our hardest to support each other as much as we can.

      Thank you! 🙂

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  3. I’m so sorry you’ve been through that .. However, I’m proud of you to speak up and not being ashamed of it ! Even more that being numb was not what you wanted and decided to go for a more positive life.

    To be honest, I was lost onto what was happening for a while – as it got out when I was gaming and saw the boom but not what had caused it .. Im quite lucky in the means that I mostly read in french, so I don’t know most of them – but for Jay … and, i’m not quite sure what I wanna do yet, as I do have 13 reasons why on my shelf 😐

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    1. Thank you! It was difficult at the time but I’m still proud of myself for doing that. I know a lot of people struggle to find a better way to live their lives after they’ve gone to things like that.

      Honestly, I was lost at first as well but I just needed to know who and what. I have the Maze Runner books and 13 Reasons Why and they’re going..

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    2. I’m sure it was .. you took the right decision!

      yeah, with what you’ve been through – I can see the importance. I think I haven’t realized quite yet, as it was late at night for me when I finally saw what was going on so it hasn’t really hitted me

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  4. I applaud your bravery in speaking about this and completely understand your reasons for not wanting those titles in your life. I’m appalled at the statements albeit not directly affected so far as I don’t own any of the authors’ works but it breaks my heart hearing young people blaming themselves for supporting that author or promoting and being a fan of the series’s, it’s not on the fans, they weren’t complicit in this abuse of power & position and I hope each person affected directly and indirectly can find a way to heal. I think the industry, like all factions of society, has a chance here to put a better system in place for mentoring etc that makes it easier to call out such practices and makes it clear those that wish to use their influence for their own desires aren’t given the platform to do so.

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    1. Thank you.

      I feel like it’s hard enough as it is to get certain statements across when it concerns harassment / rape / … so whenever I feel like I can make one in even the tiniest way possible, I just want to commit to that. Getting rid of certain books is just a small way of doing exactly that. Speaking out is a bit bigger way but still necessary.
      It’s everyone’s own choice whether or not they take those steps as well; I respect them without doing so as well. I personally just don’t want anything that has to do with those people in my home.

      There definitely has to be a way to put a better system in place. There has to be a way to make it even the littlest bit easier for people to speak out when it happened to them. It’s such a hard thing to do as it is; having a safe way to speak up would already be a huge step in the right direction. I feel like that step should’ve been taken ages ago though.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts! It really is appreciated.

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