TTT: Characters Owning my Heart


Hi Munchworms!

This week’s topic for That Artsy Reader Girl‘s Top Ten Tuesday is:
“Love Freebie”!

That’s basically giving everyone permission to start gushing about our favorite characters or maybe even fantasize about possible couples from different worlds and/or books! Me… I’m going to gush. And gush some more.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor rhysand fan artI’m simply going to start with the most obvious one because everyone who has read the ACOTAR-books pretty much shares this. Rhysand, my baby. Let’s just imagine we all have our own Rhysand because I really do not want to write “our baby”, nope.
And have you guys seen the fan art?! Some of it is fan-freaking-tastic! If there’s one series I’d love to reread this year – Why didn’t I put it on my goals at the start of the year? – it’s this one!

Then we have Tanner. If you haven’t read Autoboyography yet, you really should. Tanner is wonderful! Gorgeous! So sweet and kind and… He simply stole my heart, okay? I’m so proud of him in so many ways that it’s just… *gushes*

Alosa! One of my all-time favorite sassy, female characters! She has courage, guts, stands up for herself and is simply amazing. Not to mention her unique wit that makes her… her. Oh, and don’t forget she’s a pirate! Like, Daughter of the Pirate King?! I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of Daughter of the Siren Queen so I can get back to her!

Back to some contemporary, we have Esben in 180 Seconds. That book broke me to pieces. Esben is so… supportive, kind and does anything to make people happy, to show people that there are still good things in this world. I loved it, I loved him.

Another amazing female character? Or let’s just make it two! Emika from Warcross and Inej out of Six of Crows! They’re different, sure, but I love both of them. Emika and her rainbow-hair. Inej and her ninja-like skills. They’re women to look out for, to be wary of and yet I love them both!

Gerelateerde afbeelding

If there’s one character I can’t not mention next to Rhysand, it’s Jace. That boy stole my heart from the start. The Mortal Instruments will always be special to me but Jace is the cherry on top. The actor they chose for the show? Well, I’m not complaining about that one either! He’s gorgeous and.. drool-worthy without a doubt! Enough said.

Talking about a show with both demons and angels… Do any of you remember Patch from the Hush, Hush-series? Pretty sure he’s one of my oldest favorites! I really, really need to reread those books some day because I can hardly remember anything. Except for the fact that I loved Patch, that is.

That’s it! Eight characters each holding a part of my heart.
Who’d be on top of your list?



54 thoughts on “TTT: Characters Owning my Heart

  1. Rhysand!!! I really love him as well, especially after ACOMAF 💕💕💕 Emika is great as well and Warcross generally was a book that I ended up loving so much last year 😍 As for TMI Characters – Magnus Bane definitely owns my heart! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      Warcross was such a quick read though! Can’t wait for the sequel, to be honest. I want to know more about the other players in her team.
      Ooh, yes, Magnus. Or simply Malec. Give me both of them. ❤

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  2. Rhysand!!! Is!!! My queen tbh I adore him so much?? I really loved Morrigan as well from that series, Lucien too! And oh my god, Inej? Another queen. Oh, I know another fav! Nikolai Lantsov from the Grisha trilogy!!! Great post haha 💕

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    1. Tbh I’d only recommend them for Nikolai:)) Didn’t really like the trilogy that much, but Nikolai is such a freaking good character

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  3. Rhysand is literally just the TOPS.
    How did we ever live our lives without him?

    Also I haven’t read Daughter of the Pirate King yet, and now i’m really excited to read it knowing that Alosa is sassy and amazing!

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  4. ESBEN! I am so happy to see him on this list, he was such an amazing character, I loved him, so, so much. Now I want to re-read the book very badly, thank you so much for that haha 😛

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    1. *Confession time*
      I think I was SOOOO distracted by Rhysand that Cassian and Azriel don’t get the love they deserve on my part. Which is another reason why I should reread the darn books..
      YESSS! Autoboyography made me cry more than I’d like to admit, haha.

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    1. Hahaha… You know I’m currently making a post right now and just talking about ACOTAR Series and how afraid I am to start reading it… Then I read your comment and laughed at it.. haha… Fine, fine,, I’ll read it as soon as I finish my Richelle Mead Reads.. OMG, Im really, really afraid to read Maas’. But tahnks.

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  5. Rhys is a given because OMG YES!!!! Daughter of the Pirate King was a favorite of mine last year! Emika and Inej are amazing and I love them so much! Jace is a sweetie too and OMG I had almost forgotten about Patch I haven’t read that in what feels like forever thinking on it now. Some great loves for sure! My Top Ten

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  6. Lol I did a tuesday meme and Rhys was also there. In fact SJM and Cassie Clare dominated it. So it would seem that we have the same masters who own our hearts…
    I have been rereading ACOTAR and TOG for months now. Can’t start any new ones because my book hangover is still not over.

    If I ever get started on Six of Crows I’ll bet it’ll be my new book hangover 😉

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    1. Haha, so it seems!
      I really want to reread the ACOTAR-books. Especially ACOMAF because.. doh.

      Book hangovers are the worst! I guess I’m lucky I never really got in a real one. I’ve even succeeded at avoiding complete reading slumps so far! :O

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  7. I just got an email and seen you mentioned Rhysand so I had to come and check your post out! Rhysand & Jace (the actor is definitely drool worthy) are in my top faves, then there is Choal, Dorian & Rowan from Throne of Glass, I just have to have all three!

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    1. Hahaha! Good to know that mentioning Rhysand lures people in. 😛

      Actor-Jace is so.. *heart-eyes* Like, seriously.. They could not have picked a more drool-worthy person?!
      I don’t even want to think about picking between those three?! I have yet to read Tower of Dawn but they all took pieces of my heart along the way and.. and.. I AM NOT MAKING A CHOICE.


    2. Definitely not, even Magnus is amazing! I love Magnus to bits (he was one of my favourite characters on Glee as well).

      Definitely get around to Tower of Dawn when you can, and make sure you have tissues! I cried more times than I could count while reading Tower of Dawn.

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    3. YES! Magnus is gorgeous. Malec is just gorgeous, done. The only actress I seriously don’t like is Clary? I liked the actress they used in the movie better – although the show definitely tops the movie easily.

      Oh god no.. really?! I don’t want it to make me cryyyy. I’ve been crying way too much over books lately. It seriously isn’t pretty anymore. :’)


    4. Yes, Clary is annoying. I watched the movie ages ago, and it isn’t very memorable. The show definitely tops the movie though from what I can’t remember. XD So glad they went this route instead.

      And for me, yes. I ugly cried more than enough times in that book.

      Liked by 1 person

    5. Definitely isn’t. The show is TONS better than the movie. It’s just the actress I’m having some trouble with. :’) Her hair also looks so fake.. For some reason that gets on my nerves the most..?

      Oh Jesus Christ. I’ll have to mentally prepare myself for that one then..


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