Review: Big Bones by Laura Dockrill


Hi Munchworms!

Big BonesLast month, Big Bones, caught my eye on NetGalley. Reading the blurb, I felt like I really should read this novel. I’ve always struggled with my weight.

Reading books like this one is important to me. It reminds me that we should love ourselves, no matter what we look like. So I definitely had certain expectations.

The latest teen novel from the sparkling Laura Dockrill, introducing Bluebelle, and her moving, hilarious take on food, body image and how we look after ourselves and others

A heart-warming teen story from the unique voice of Laura Dockrill, about Bluebelle, aka BB, aka Big Bones – a sixteen-year-old girl encouraged to tackle her weight even though she’s perfectly happy, thank you, and getting on with her life and in love with food. Then a tragedy in the family forces BB to find a new relationship with her body and herself. Moving, memorable and hilarious.

The good

Let’s start with the format of this book. A food diary.
That’s right. Our main character, Bluebelle, got roped into keeping a food diary but she ended up writing down her entire Summer story instead. Every chapter is named after a dish, food, candy… Anything the least bit edible! Guess I can easily tell you guys it got me hungry at times… *Cue people telling me I usually make them hungry.*

Not to mention I had plenty of options to pick my munches this time around!

I don’t need to worry or wonder why the world stares at someone like me; they need to worry and wonder why THEY stare at someone like me.

Bluebelle, aka BB or Big Bones, is a sixteen year old girl who’s very comfortable with herself and the way she looks. She describes herself as being fat because it’s simply a fact. I love her for it. I always proudly said it myself since it can’t hurt you if you say it before anyone else can use it against you. 
She loves herself, loves her fat, loves her food and she’s proud of it. Honestly, I wish I was like her when I was that age. I wasn’t. Bluebelle shows us you can go about it differently. She shows us that it is okay to love food, to love to eat, to not be skinny.
However, she also teaches us that even though you might be overweight, you still have to take care of yourself and your body. It’s such an important message to add and it’s what made this book so special to me.

I am proud to be a girl. Because that’s a fact. But prouder that I love myself. Because that’s a choice.

Camille, BB’s best friend, is a unique personality. She’s straightforward, extremely supportive and has the guts to say it like it is. I really liked her! Such a pity she doesn’t have a bigger part in the journal though.
Bluebelle’s sister, Dove, is also one admirable person. She’s skinny, fit, loves a challenge and is pretty much what Bluebelle isn’t when it comes to their bodies. Knowing that Dove still supports BB in her decisions, her way of life and is always the upbeat person she is.. It really is important in this story! Family means everything when you’re “different“.

I’ve learnt that people secretly like it a bit if other people don’t like themselves because it gives other people power.

As for the actual content: it broke my heart at times. Some situations, memories, trains of thought were so familiar to me. It reminded me of everything I had to go through. I do love how there isn’t any actual mention of bullying in Big Bones since it isn’t only the bullying you struggle with when you’re overweight. It’s so much more than that.

The bad

During the first.. 10% of this novel I really wanted to DNF it. There are some things said at the start of this novel that felt so offensive. I literally ranted about it to certain people because it just felt… wrong… After a while it became clear that it wasn’t exactly meant that way, more as a way to show how some people think, but will definitely not be the only one who thinks it starts out a bit offensive.
I’ve forgiven the book for it, but I doubt everyone would?

If they don’t want to be skinny, that’s just as offensive as calling somebody fat. Funny how people think it’s rude to go round calling people fat but not skinny. Skinny people get self-conscious too.

As for the writing style of this book, I liked it, but I disliked it at the same time. Bluebelle’s voice is definitely very unique. She’s sassy, straight-forward, sarcastic and… well… Sometimes a bit egocentric. All of that but add an extra scoop on top?
It felt like too much sometimes and it took away from the message the author wants to send, I guess.

You have to love yourself. It’s the start of everything, the rest will follow naturally.


All in all I did enjoy this novel and I love the message it holds. You simply have to dive into it with an open mind and get in deep enough to actually see the point of this story because it’s an important one!
I also used a lot of quotes in this review because all of them are so… true and really went straight to my heart when I read them.

28233606_10214393300842943_1596349216_nThere’s also mention of bulimia in there, so be warned of that.

As for the munches I really had plenty of options. From curries to cheese, from lattes to avocados and from tuna to dog food? But I decided to go with something that snatched my attention immediately! A molted Mars-bar with ice cream anyone? 

I simply really wanted to try it myself so, here we go! It seriously doesn’t look appetizing and the Mars-bar had set again by the time I wanted to take a bite so.. I might’ve almost ruined my teeth?





Quotes used in this review originate from an uncorrected proof and can differ to the finished copy.

11 thoughts on “Review: Big Bones by Laura Dockrill

  1. Again, another thorough and amazing review. This sounds like a pretty touchy novel. I’ve also struggled with my weight, literally all my life so it sounds like a helpful and refreshing read. I’m not so sure about the making fun of skinny people part but I like the messages it seems to be communicating.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve seen this book around lately and it sounds like such a good read! Agh, can’t believe I’ll have to wait for it to come out 😦 Do you know when that is, by the way?
    Oh, and the munchies don’t look that good, you’re kinda right:)) I’m sorry they weren’t up to par, but a good alternative is vanilla ice cream and Nutella- yes, chunks of Nutella in the ice cream- it’s heaven:))
    The book sounds amazing!! Lovely review ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. March 8th! [Okay, I need to mind myself and make sure I add those release dates in my reviews but my head’s been all over the place lately..]
      Haha, I might give that one a try then! I know the munches look horrible this time around but I figured I could share anyway. If people read my review, think about trying it themselves, at least they’re warned about the outcome, haha.
      Thank you ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Don’t worry, we get it ❤
      And thanks a lot!
      Definitely try out the Nutella + vanilla ice cream combo, it's a hell of a good one ❤


  3. Sounds like an interesting book.
    Note to self: only read it once back to gym… 😂
    I like the mention that people should take care and stay healthy regardless. Accepting ourselves should not mean letting ourselves go and risking our health.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is.
      Hahah, going to the gym can be sooo confronting when overweight though. Even now I’m not exactly overweight anymore, I still haven’t set a foot inside one. :’)
      It definitely is important and I love that this book sends that exact message. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I think i’m quite lucky with my gym! We have all sorts /shapes of people and everyone is super nice. Like, i haven’t noticed anyone staring or commenting or anything. There’s a massive buff-dude who usually walks around and just helps out newbies in distress 😀


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