Review: It’s Not a Date by Heather Blackmore – LGBTQIA


Hi Munchworms!

It's Not a DateTime for another diverse read. It’s Not a Date by Heather Blackmore features two lesbian main characters, both situated in the business world.

When I discovered that, I was immediately intrigued!

Falling in love is the hardest business of all. 

Entrepreneur and innovator Kadrienne Davenport gets results. A demanding executive and stickler for punctuality, Kade throws herself into work to avoid hurting anyone, convinced she only causes pain to those she loves. 

When Jennifer Spencer meets an incognito Kade at a conference, sparks fly. But when Kade unexpectedly becomes her boss, Jen’s problems multiply. The company she founded is going broke, her grandmother’s dementia is worsening, and her attraction to Kade―her difficult, brilliant, charismatic mentor―is growing. 

Kade’s desire to keep things professional between them is in Jen’s best interest. Yet what’s in Kade’s best interest…is Jen.

The good

Let’s start with the thing I start with most times: the writing. Again, it was fluently written. This is one of those romance novels that read like a train and that’s exactly how I like them to be! Switching between Jen and Kade you get both sides of the story, you’re invested in both characters and you’re continuously curious about the other’s train of thought.

Of the two, Kade intrigued me the most. She comes across as a hard business-woman at first but you can easily spot the cracks and see that there’s so much more beneath that. Pretty early on you just notice how she’s still dealing with an emotional trauma that’s having a huge impact on her current life. Not to mention her OCD-like behavior when it comes to certain things. It had me so invested, curious and eager to see how she was going to handle everything thrown her way.

Life is short. Eat dessert first.

I looooved the tension and chemistry that was all over the place whenever Jen and Kade were together. I honestly got so lost in this story that it rubbed off on me and I was rooting so badly for those two. Whenever something happened, good or bad, I was just reading faster, reading more, wanting to find out what would happen and how everything would evolve. I loved it!
And that’s not even mentioning all the steamy scenes Heather Blackmore gave me. Those were very hot indeed! Like, waving at my face and trying not to squirm in my seat when reading in public hot, you know?

Another thing I definitely liked in It’s Not a Date is the mention of certain topics. Apart from women in the business world, there’s also mention of a couple of other things. The difficulty of finding quality home-care being one of them. Also the revalidation after a medical issue occurred got a beautiful spot in this story. It’s a brilliant way to tackle subjects that aren’t talked about often.
The bad

I mentioned Kade earlier, but didn’t talk about Jen.. Because she kind of belongs in this part of my review unfortunately. At first I also got this image of her being a very straight-forward, tempting woman but sometimes she gets this very insecure side to then be very confident again? It felt like she wasn’t an honest character. Not fleshed out enough. As if her character changed whenever the author needed something else? It’s hard to explain but it just didn’t feel right.

People who were important to each other occasionally hurt each other, but the joy of being together easily outweighed the inevitable rough patches.


All in all It’s Not a Date is definitely a fun, steamy read that got me ridiculously invested ridiculously fast. I loved it!

28822642_10214509825275981_1672418865_o.jpgThis novel releases tomorrow so definitely get your hands on a copy and join the chemistry, tension and steam!

And, for the munches, I couldn’t ignore the pancake-temptation once again. This time, with whipped cream and strawberry compote! Although I did drown the things in maple syrup because I… couldn’t resist?

How do you like your pancakes best?



4 thoughts on “Review: It’s Not a Date by Heather Blackmore – LGBTQIA

  1. Lovely review, Kathy! I’m so glad you were able to root for the romance and felt the chemistry there, I love when that happens 🙂 It’s a bit sad that one of the characters didn’t convince you, though, that’s annoying when you feel like they’re a bit too… convenient, just to fit whatever needs to happen in the story :/

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  2. Woah, this sounds so cool! I’ll definitely have to check it out and I’m definitely adding it to the TBR, I love the synopsis! Aghh, why am I so broke, honestly :(((
    Great review! And great munches! 💛

    Liked by 1 person

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