COMIC SANS: Potterheads, gamers AND movie-fanatics will feel at home here!


Hi Munchworms!

As a bookworm, I love cafes that have a bit of a geeky theme going on. In 2016 – 2 days after my birthday! – Comic Sans opened its doors in Ghent, Belgium. Let’s say it proves “a bit of a geeky theme” is really not geeky enough.

As a Potterhead, I’ve been wanting to share this cafe for a while now but simply never got around to it. When I heard they had some renovations done and I found myself drooling over them, I decided it was now or never: Time to give you guys a small tour and make sure this is on your radars!

foto van Comic Sans.Just looking at the door makes me want to head there right now, to be honest. You just know, right from the bat, that this is the place to be if you’re any kind of geek. Automatically you feel like you want to head in and see what the interior looks like.

Because Jeroen is awesome – and seriously one of the most friendliest bartenders I know – I get to share some pictures of the inside!

Fun addition: Jeroen is simply portrayed on his own front door! Talk about geekiness all the way, right?

foto van Comic Sans.



Oh, and the second pair of doors is definitely worth opening, I reckon? Are there any Whovians in the building?!

foto van Comic Sans.



When you’re inside, the first thing you see is a whole lot of Harry Potter!

Which, of course, we all simply love because we’re bookworms and proud of it. And if you haven’t read Harry Potter yet, I really do hope you will eventually! If you’re not planning on it.. Well, maybe Comic Sans has other geeky stuff you’ll want to see with your own eyes?!

foto van Comic Sans.foto van Comic Sans.



We even have our own small Platform 9 3/4 in Ghent now! This is one of the new features and it’s pretty obvious that I simply love, love, love it.

Who needs to go to London if you can simply admire it in Ghent as well?!



foto van Comic Sans.foto van Comic Sans.

Giant time-turner, anyone?
Or do you prefer The Monster Book of Monsters?

That’s the Harry Potter-corner for you! But that’s not all. Noooo!
There’s so much more to Comic Sans than that. Pinball machines: check! Gameroom: check! All the wall gorgeous wall decorations: check!
foto van Comic Sans.

And if that hasn’t convinced you to check this place out someday, you might be interested in themed parties! Of course, Harry Potter-themed parties are a must, but apart from that there are other themes as well: Cosplay, [metal] karaoke, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Disney, quizes… You name it! And for the gamers out there, yes, there are also release parties and tournaments!

Not to mention the fact that famous people apparently tend to visit Comic Sans during the days FACTS is going on, which is an awesome convention definitely worth checking out for all geeks! Jared Gilmore visited back in October.. Once Upon a Time, anyone?

foto van Comic Sans.Even though this isn’t a review, I’m still adding my typical… munches drink! Because Comic Sans definitely has some delicious cocktails – superhero-themed?! Oh, and they also have butterbeer, just saying. Just saying.

If you’re ever in Belgium or you feel like you needed an excuse to head to Belgium – chocolate, beer and fries are a good motivation but this one is even better, right? – this is it! And if you do, let me know!

foto van Comic Sans.Important note: I really feel like mentioning that if you decide to visit Comic Sans, mind the fact that it’s an actual cafe, not an exhibition or museum. Show some respect for the awesome people tending the bar, owning the cafe, and don’t just head in to snap pictures. Their drinks are seriously worth a visit anyway.

Although this post is more about sharing a place I believe is worth visiting, I’m still adding my review-like munches! I went back especially for you guys – no, I just used this as an excuse really – to get some pictures of their drinks. Their Superman, Tattooine Sunset and Butterbeer!

What do you think? Feel like taking a trip to Belgium?
Do you have any places like this where you live?

All pictures, except for the drinks, belong to Jeroen Baert, owner of Comic Sans, who gave me permission to use them in this post.

20 thoughts on “COMIC SANS: Potterheads, gamers AND movie-fanatics will feel at home here!

  1. OMG, this is awesome!
    I’m going to Belgium in may (to Brussels), but only for 3 days and we are still debating whether to take a day trip to Ghent or Bruges.
    +1 for Ghent i guess 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh jeez, why is it so beautiful now I have to visit. 😀 I wish there was something like this in my area but there isn’t 😦 sooooooo I have to go to Belgium right, It’s a very important trip…. not even a holiday… a business trip….. mmmmhmmmm that’s what it will be 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m secretly hoping one day there’ll be some kind of reading room there as well. Just some quiet corner where all us bookworms can simply sit and read. Feeling together, yet still reading on our own. THAT WOULD BE PERFECT.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Oh ma gosh yessssss! Although, maybe non-readers would get a bit worried and confused if they just see a bunch of people in a corner crying and hugging books 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  3. THEY HAVE BUTTERBEER? Brb, booking a plane ticket for Belgium ASAP.

    Girl, this is a serious gold mine you have there… Also, from what I reckon, a perfect place to lose said gold because damn, I can bet that stuff’s expensive :’)

    It looks so gorgeous! I’m in probably all of the fandoms I saw depicted and I am suffering :’)

    Great post! Will definitely take note of it for when I’m going to Belgium (I hope that’s going to happen because damn….)

    Liked by 1 person


      Hahaha. The drinks aren’t that expensive, at least not compared to other places where you can get cocktails – and theirs aren’t as original as Comic Sans’ cocktails that’s for sure!

      Aawhh, I do hope you’ll get to visit it someday. It’s gorgeous and they’re still improving and changing a lot of things – pretty sure the owner has more plans up his sleeve too, haha.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Right?! It looks good and TASTES AMAZING. I hadn’t even tried it until I wanted to write this post – sue me, but I’ve heard people all over the world saying they’d tried recipes and those didn’t work so I was a bit wary, haha. Now I can’t help but order one every time I go to Comic Sans. 😛


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