When changes force you to get to know yourself better: A Year of Taking Chances by Jennifer Bohnet


Hi Munchworms!

A Year of Taking ChancesDon’t we all do it? Promising ourselves to make certain changes throughout the year so we can end it with a feeling of absolute pride? I could recognize myself instantly and couldn’t wait to see what this novel was all about!

“Life is about to change forever…
When best friends, Tina and Jodie, make a drunken New Year’s Eve vow to change their lives before they hit the big 3 – 0, neither expected to end the year with much more than another hangover…

Twelve months later, Jodie is married and living in Provence – and Tina is exactly where she was a year ago (although now her rent is double). Tina can’t help but feel a little bit left behind, but as Jodie reminds her, she’s not thirty yet, there’s still time to quit her job, start her own literary agency and sign the man of her dreams!”

The good

Let’s start at the beginning. Reading the first chapters, I immediately lost myself in the story. You’re thrown in Jodie and Tina’s lives instantly, consuming everything they’re about, learning about the changes they made and are dreaming of. You want them to succeed, to live their dreams and be happy with the decisions they’re making. Honestly, even though I don’t really have anything in common with the characters – except for my ability to dream of courseI did find myself connecting to them.

Jodie went from a hectic, busy life in London to a quiet one with her husband in France where she tries to find herself and a way to cope with everything that’s changed in her life. In the meanwhile, Tina is ready to shake things up and start her own literary agency. I don’t think I need to tell you guys how intrigued I was reading about her career as a literary agent, right? I think it was by far my favorite thing about this novel, haha.

It was pointless playing the “if only” game. Life was how it was.

Then we have the love interests. First of, the fact that Jodie’s married and already established a romantic relationship? Definitely worth of extra points! I love stories where it isn’t all about falling in love, getting into a relationship so this was pretty darn awesome indeed.
Of course, Tina doesn’t have any love interest at first and that was fine by me. I think it was pretty balanced the way it was. Either way they had their own goals to reach, paths to find and fights to fight all while maintaining their long distance friendship.

The bad

Unfortunately, I did find some of the conversations and one particular event come across as a bit forced. The conversations are so genuine and feel like they could actually be most of the time real, but then suddenly it.. feels off and orchestrated. It turned me off a bit sometimes. I’m just glad it didn’t happen all that often!
As for that one particular event… Let’s just say two of the characters had some more growing to do before getting to a certain point and it killed me that it felt wrong to me.


29828933_10214695102307791_1826434264_oAs for the munches, I couldn’t be more happy than when reading “bread and a selection of cheeses” because YES. I love myself some cheese. Cheese with some freshly-baked, delicious bread? That equals one happy Kathy indeed.

What’s the thing you like to eat best with some bread? Cheese? Hot dogs? What?!



Quotes used have been taken from an unfinished copy and might differ from the finished one.

9 thoughts on “When changes force you to get to know yourself better: A Year of Taking Chances by Jennifer Bohnet

  1. Cheese !!! ❤ I'd eat… everything with bread tbh it works well with anything 😀
    This sounds like such a cool book! I'm glad to see that one of the main characters was already married when the book picked up, we really don't get to see that often. And I love the synopsis- add the cover and I'm hooked! This is one I'll have to check out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahah! True; you can even make cake out of bread! Which reminds me I should do that again one day.. It’s so good. :’)
      Right? It’d so.. ordinary when all the characters have yet to find love. This was definitely refreshing on that part!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. OMG, so much cheese!! Yumm! 😀
    Sometimes i think i would enjoy living somewhere else cuz London could be overwhelming… like even countryside in england, or France (if i spoke French), but then the next moment i’m thinking those might be too underwhelming. So i’m basically like Tina, but for like 10 years… 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, yup, my mom pretty much outdid herself when she said she was “just going to get some cheese” to eat. :’)
      I’ve been dreaming about living in London for YEARS now. Maybe I’d change my mind about it when I actually would be living there but.. I don’t know. Every time I’m in London I feel ridiculously at home? The peace and quiet of the countryside would get on my nerves. I need noise. :’)

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I do enjoy the countryside as well every now and then. Good for hiking 😀

      Nowadays i live 10 min walk away from my work, which is sort of rare here apparently (i dunno, many of my colleagues are the same so for me it’s not that rare), so i still get kind of the city feeling but without commuting.

      Liked by 1 person

    3. I’ve never really liked hiking, but I’m kind of blaming the forced hiking in my childhood for that. My boyfriend can’t walk long distances either so yay, haha. I do like getting lost in cities though. That never feels like an actual “big walk”.

      Ooh, that’s a definite plus! When I lived at my mom’s, I had to drive over half an hour to get to work. Nowadays it’s a ten minute drive. I could take public transport but it takes me half an hour then and I just.. don’t want to? Haha. [My work day ends at 3.30 so I’d have to survive the kids going back home from school every day..]


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