Moody May 2018

Moody May

Do you love mood-reading? Or have you been living with fixed TBR’s for a while? Are you ready to throw those aside? Do you simply want the excuse to pick up books according to your mood? If the answer is yes, May’s monthly challenge is right up your alley!

With May two weeks off, it’s time to introduce my next monthly challenge – Moody May! As January Jam Jar was dedicated to all the TBR jar-readers, Moody May is dedicated to the full-on mood-readers out there.

Yes, sure, this will definitely be a huge challenge for some – even to me. I’m used to having at least somewhat of a TBR because of the ARC’s we’re all trying to catch up on but I’ll be trying not to do that in May! Even if we have to squeeze in that one ARC – we won’t be doing that. Mood-reading, guys! No deadlines, no thinking about deadlines, not even looking at deadlines! 

None of that!


◊ Post a blogpost/tweet/whatever saying you’ll be joining me in my mood reading spree!
◊ You cannot post a TBR! It wouldn’t be mood-reading otherwise! If you feel like sharing your entire TBR, feel free to do so! Or if you simply want to share all the ARC’s you now have a whole month to not be pressured about, feel free to do so as well! But you cannot post a TBR saying what books you “might” be in the mood for – because your brain might consider that your actual TBR and you don’t have a TBR. Capiche?!
◊ If you’re sharing your updates on social media, use #MoodyMayBM so we can follow up on each other!


Although I usually tell you guys it isn’t necessary to dedicate the entire month to my challenges, I think this time it is. It wouldn’t be mood-reading otherwise, right?
Just remember to have fun, enjoy reading and.. do not set a TBR.

Do you already mood-read all the time? Or is it something you rarely do? Why is that? Because of ARC’s?
Are you going to join me?!



61 thoughts on “Moody May 2018

  1. I’m amazed by how stressed out I felt by the whole idea of mood reading and having no TBR… hahaha! 😂I always kind of do a combination of both. I make a TBR, but I won’t have any order to it, so I’ll just pick up whatever I feel like. It actually puts me in a slump if I stick to mood reading only! 🙈

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    1. Honestly, I’m in a ridiculous slump right now – probably because of my time off work, really – and I couldn’t have worse timing for it! I was looking forward to just picking up whatever I felt like and now I’m just.. “buh” 😂
      Usually I try to create some sort of TBR and keep in mind what ARC’s I really have to read, but I still try and pick up some books I just feel like reading as well. As you, the combination of the two simply works best for me. 😛 But I thought I’d give complete mood reading a try.. Probably redo it sometime since it’s failing ridiculously this time..


  2. Haha, this challenge sounds like fun! Too bad I haven’t done much reading recently and probably won’t be able to join this time but I’m definitely looking forward to more reading activities like this! Hope you’ll discover some amazing books during the random pick! 😀

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  3. Wish I could join, but I have some tricky blog tours in June that I need to get to :’) agh, the troubles of book blogging :’)

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  4. Oh My GoD!! I’m in.. but you really are killing me with not even a slight list of possible reads … What?? Just playing it by ear… This will work for my challenges anyway and It might be liberating… we’ll see.

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    1. Hahaha. Honestly, it’s torture for myself as well! I’m only allowing myself to post an overview of all my ARC’s I have yet to read, simply so I can “log” my progress when it comes to those. I always like seeing how many ARC’s I was able to tick off during the month and how many I added to the pile, haha.

      I’m hoping it’ll be liberating! Like, Moody May should totally help avoid a reading slump since we’re mood reading? Right? Hopefully?

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  5. I’m super excited for this! I gasped a little when I read that we can’t post a TBR at all, because I was totally gonna post, like, “5 books I MIGHT” read this month… but no no no! Lmao! So, I think I’ll take one of the tips you gave, and when I post about this, I’ll share a list of my unread ARCs! (If I’m understanding that tip correctly?)

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    1. Hahaha. I had a hard time just TYPING that rule – seriously. The temptation to create a “might read”-tbr is real. :’)
      But YUP. You can just share a whooooole list of ARC’s you have left to read. Maybe someone’s comment will get you totally in the mood to read one of them too. 😛

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  6. I usually always mood read… If I don’t feel like reading a book at a particular time, I don’t want to risk not enjoying it simply because I wasn’t in the mood.
    Buuuut, I do currently have a set TBR for next month…. maybe I should just……. break it…. Just continue to mood read and ignore the books that are screaming at me. *sigh* sounds lovely… It’s likely I will join 😀

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    1. I totally get what you’re saying! I do try mood-reading with a set TBR by simply putting a bit of everything on there. It helps to combine getting the books read I need to and still reading what I feel like reading – although it doesn’t always work out the way I want it to, haha.
      You’re welcome to join! 😀

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    1. Haha, I’m getting on top of my ARC’s as we speak so I can mood-read all I want through May 😛 Benefit of knowing what challenges are coming on my blog, I guess. 😀 [But you can still mood-read with ARC’s too, right? :P]


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