Top Ten Tuesday

I came home last Friday – Scotland was amazing, guys! – and am already back at work right now. I hadn’t had a chance to prep this post and… honestly… This week’s topic was doing my head in.

TTT general

Today’s topic is “Books I Disliked/Hated but Am Really Glad I Read” and I honestly couldn’t find books to fit this prompt. Me saying I don’t like a certain book but still feeling happy about reading it… rarely – if ever – occurs so I decided to switch things up! Here are ten books I expected to love, cherish and rant about but… yeah, that did not happen.

Before She Ignites (Fallen Isles Trilogy #1)The Demon Catchers of MilanThe Hidden Legacy (A Hidden Legacy Novel, Book 1)
KeeperParis Ever AfterSweet Dreams Baby (Love at the Chocolate Shop #12)

All covers link back to my original reviews if you’re curious about my exact opinion on these books!

What’s the biggest disappointment you’ve encountered when it comes to books?



38 thoughts on “TTT: Reading DISAPPOINTMENTS

    1. That’s so true. I remember when I picked up “Because You Love To Hate Me” and I just knew it was going to be “meh” because of all the reviews I’d already seen on it. Didn’t feel like that much of a disappointment because of it.


    2. Yeah exactly-that’s kind of better, I mean it’s not great to find a book “meh” but at least when you’ve adjusted your expectations accordingly, it’s not so crushing!

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    1. I honestly couldn’t really come up with anything other than “Because You Love To Hate Me” for the original one since it was my first ever anthology to read. And maybe The Raven Boys but I did like it, just didn’t love it so that wouldn’t have been fair.. And a TTT with only two books is.. meh, haha.


  1. I think I’ve seen a couple of these around… and yes this was a tough prompt. I don’t have TOO many books that I disliked but am glad I read…


  2. I have Before She Ignites from OC, and I keep considering putting it in my trade stack, just because, even though I haven’t even tried it yet, I just KNOW I’m not gonna like it… like, my gut feeling is that it’ll be a 2- or 3-star read, and is it worth keeping for that? But then the other part of me is like, but what if I’m wrong?! Sigh.

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    1. I think my brain going “Oh, such a thin novel” helped my expectations to go down a ton before I started reading, honestly. Although I do REALLY wish there would’ve been more.. action. Something to at least make it more interesting than a simply “life update”, because that’s what it was.. basically?

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    2. First it was thin, then I thought It is gonna be fast, something should be cleared in it as there were many loose connections in ACOWAR…but There wasn’t any development in characters where we expected many things, It turned out just a Simple book 😣

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    3. I’m just going to view it as a “filler”. It’s a bit stupid since books seriously should never be fillers, but.. this one is? Let’s just hope Maas has her actual Maas-mojo back for the next one!

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