Jazzy June 2018

Jazzy June

Being in the middle of Moody May, it’s time to announce June’s challenge. We’ve had a TBR jar, we’ve had mood reading, we’ve had genre-specific reading. One thing we haven’t had yet, is a month of rereading!

That’s right! June is all about that jazz. The jazz of rereading those favorite books, or simply rereading because it’s almost time for a new installment!


◊ Post a blogpost saying you’ll be joining me in rereading some of our favorite novels!
◊ Share your list of books and/or series that you really want to reread.
◊ If you’re sharing your updates on social media, use #JazzyJune so we can follow up on each other!


It isn’t necessary to dedicate the whole month to my monthly challenges.
Our TBR’s are all through the roof so it can already be a challenge to read only one or two books that fit this month’s challenge.
You can still join then! The more the merrier!
Remember, it doesn’t matter how much you read. As long as you have fun reading.
And as long as we can tackle our TBR’s, bit by bit.


Are you joining me? Already have some books in mind you want to reread?




24 thoughts on “Jazzy June 2018

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  2. I love your monthly challenges are always so flexible – I’m in! In fact, I signed up for Signum Academy Summer Reading Camp and one of the courses feature The Hobbit! Yes, the one I’ve just read. Although it’s targeted kids like elementary schoolers and junior highs, but still I find it’s worth participating!

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    1. Awesome!
      Ooh, I just looked it up and it does look like fun, haha. If I wouldn’t be drowning in things to do already [not even thinking about everything I need to keep track of], I’d be tempted to join in. 😛

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    1. I have no clue how because to this date, the only books I’ve SOMETIMES reread are the Harry Potters and that’s it. It’s why I created this challenge, to be honest. I want to try and reread some books.. I’m just hoping it’ll work.. Even if it’s only for one or two.. :’)

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  3. Oh that’s a very cool challenge! 😍 I love rereading, so I definitely might join in for a few books, though I haven’t planned my June TBR yet. Summer is the perfect time to reread some books I have been wanting to read again for some time 🙂

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  4. Hey Kathy!! It’s great how you come up with such awesome challenges — I’m still a bit of freaking out with the Moody May… I never thought I would say this since I call myself a Moody Reader but I miss my TBR list… 🙂 Anyway this new challenge comes at the perfect moment because I wanted to reread a couple of favorites and one with the sequel coming out at the end of May… So count me in… and keep the challenges coming

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    1. Thank you!
      Haha, the not having a TBR is getting to me as well. I like having a list to fall back on when I don’t really know what exactly I’m in the mood for. But it’s fun to not worry about any deadlines for a change though. 🙂
      Same! I really want to reread Harry Potter this year, so I’m hoping June will give me a good start. 😀
      Challenges will keep coming! Apart from August, there’ll be one every month. 🙂

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