TTT: Books I was DEFINITELY going to read in 2018 – the dreaded update

Top Ten Tuesday

Here we are again! I had some time left on my hands – no, I was procrastinating again – so I decided to take a look at this week’s TTT. Once again, I couldn’t really find me in the topic, even though it’s a freebie. Probably has to do with how I haven’t been to school in years so.. yeah..

Now, on the other hand, the whole “back to school”-thing does bring up the subject of fresh starts. Fresh starts made me think of goals and that, in turn, made me think of a TTT I made at the end of 2017 where I named ten books I was definitely going to read in 2018. Guess what. I’m failing.
And so my back to school-freebie was created.

TTT general

Today’s topic is supposed to be “Back to School/Learning Freebie” and as said, I’m going with “Books I was DEFINITELY going to read in 2018: a dreaded update“!

Let’s start with the most obvious. What books were on that list I made way back when? I honestly didn’t even remember – at all. And I wish I did. Then I would’ve known this would be a huge post of shame.

The Book ThiefDaughter of the Burning CityThe Green MileThe Last Namsara (Iskari, #1)The Library of Fates
A Man Called OveNevernight (The Nevernight Chronicle, #1)The PowerStalking Jack the Ripper (Stalking Jack the Ripper, #1)Watching Glass Shatter

So… Ready to see which ones of these I actually read?

A Man Called OveStalking Jack the Ripper (Stalking Jack the Ripper, #1)

That’s it. These two. I haven’t even touched the others – except for that time where I redid all my bookcases and.. yeah.. Obviously I should’ve read them instead of moving them around but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t procrastinate on things. I guess.. 

On the other hand.. Maybe I can use this post as my October TBR, since OWNtober is all about reading your own books and then I could actually knock some of these off? I’m going to have to keep that in mind.

All covers link back to Goodreads if you feel like checking them out!

What books were on your “DEFINITELY READING THESE IN 2018”-list?
How many of them have you read so far?
Or are you going to ignore this question because you know it’s bad?



23 thoughts on “TTT: Books I was DEFINITELY going to read in 2018 – the dreaded update

  1. Oh I feel your shame! I try to schedule my TTT’s in advance and I was looking at which ones are coming and we have a TBR one coming up, so I went to look at my last TBR post which was in MARCH LAST YEAR and I have read one of the them. In my defence I have read that one twice since making the list but I haven’t even glanced at the others.

    I annoy myself hahaha

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  2. We still have several months in the year… you can do it!

    I guess the fact that I’ve been requesting all of these books from the library helps? I have to read them when they become available. I guess looking forward to preorders also helps, because then I read them on their release date.

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    1. I definitely hope so!

      Oh, that definitely helps – I can imagine. Unfortunately our libraries barely have any English novels, let alone newer releases. I think the most recent one I found once was released in 2014 or something.
      Yes to preorders! Those are the books I pick up pretty much as soon as they arrive, haha.


  3. I can’t do tbrs like this because I never end up reading what I want, you are already way farther than me! I hope you get to read The Book thief, though, I absolutely loved it

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  4. Well two is better than none? 🙂 It’s progress! Daughter of the Burning City is one I want to read, I’m really intrigued by that one.


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