TGIF – STUFF IS CHANGING and.. well.. I wanted to share?


It’s been a long, long while since my last TGIF-post, but I figured.. Since I’m well behind on my reviews, I could easily give you all some updates on, well, “everything”!

You all know by now that a lot has been and is changing for me. And it won’t be getting any better in the future either. Apart from being 16 weeks pregnant, we’re also in the middle of buying a house so that means.. moving while pregnant! All these changes and events impact pretty much every aspect of my life so it definitely calls for some thinking on my part. I don’t want my blog to suffer too much, especially since I love my blog, my fellow bloggers and my followers. I want Books & Munches to stay alive, even when other aspects of my life are upside down and demand a whole lot of attention.

In order to make sure B&M doesn’t take the fall some extra, blog-related changes are in order. 


It’s only fair to say that one of these changes has been popping up in my head for quite some time now. I’m talking about the munches-part of my blog. Books & Munches will always – or at least I want to believe that – be the name of my blog so that means food has to have a spot. It doesn’t matter how small it is.
Right now, I try incorporating it by adding munches to as many reviews as possible but lately that has backfired enormously. I’m ridiculously behind on reviews because I can’t find the time, energy and motivation to make specific dishes. Hello, I’m pregnant. I crave food, specific things that are not the things my reviews need. Ten times spaghetti in seven days time for example. 
Which means that my reviews will be without the munches more often than not. I’ll add them when it’s doable, when I have time to add the munches on time. Rather than “only post a review when the munches have been added”, it’ll be “munches not added before this date? Let’s post without munches then!” I think that’ll take some of the pressure off and will definitely make sure I post my reviews more regularly again.

That brings me to the other announcement – sort of – regarding the munches! I’m not saying goodbye to munches, at all, but I do need some other way to feature it on my blog. I haven’t yet figured out how I’m going to do it yet. There are multiple options I’ve been thinking about, but you can be sure there’ll be munches. Maybe it won’t necessarily be book-related, though? Maybe it will be but it’ll be more recipe-ish? Like I said, I have a couple ideas I want to work out some more but if any of you can think of something that would fit me and my blog, feel free to share!


I do believe that, with these simple changes, combining my blog with everything else in my life will be a whole lot easier. That is the goal, anyway. I know some of you have told me that it’s okay to leave my blog be for a while – I know that’s okay. It’s simply that I don’t want to leave my blog be and as long as I don’t want to, I don’t see why I should, ha.

Especially since my blog / love for books will have a special spot in our new house. You know that dream most bookworms have? Of having their own library? Guess who gets an entire room to herself and her books! Me, me, me! Pretty sure the room will look kind of empty with “only” four cases and a desk, but hey.. We all know how fast those bookcases can multiply if we let them. And I really should tackle my unread books before I let that happen anyway. If any of you have ideas to make my little library as cozy as possible, shoot! I can use all the ideas!

Do you have any ideas regarding to my munches-dilemma?
Library-ideas? Decorations? Specific furniture? What color should I paint the walls?!



21 thoughts on “TGIF – STUFF IS CHANGING and.. well.. I wanted to share?

    1. HAHA. Ohgod. Now that would be golden. I don’t think the boyfriend won’t find it that funny. Maybe the first two times, but after that? 😂 Although I can annoy him by switching.. “Spaghetti”, “Tagliatelle”, “Macaroni”, “Ravioli”. It’ll be a whole pasta mix! 😂

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    2. I subtly let it drop yesterday that I should start calling the kid “Spaghetti” since I’m eating it all the darn time lately and he stared at me with this serious blank face that pretty much said “NOPE.” He didn’t even comment on it. 😂

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  1. Congrats on having a bun in the oven!
    As for the library – make sure you have somewhere cozy, so that you can curl up and enjoy a book surrounded by all your other books! Soft furnishing and upholstery should not be underestimated!

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