Wrap-up & Book Haul: [N.E.W.T.’s & ARC] August


You all know by now how hectic my life has been lately. If you’ve missed it – where have you been?!  – you can just check out this post? I guess? Anyway!
August was all about getting my N.E.W.T.’s and reading some ARC’s, so that’s exactly what I did reading-wise.

Let’s see whether I did good or not, huh!Books I read


One Day in DecemberHarshvilleSometime After MidnightDo Not Disturb: Be careful who you let inside . . .


A:  Has a name of a color in the title [Out of the Blue – Sophie Cameron]
E: Read a book with a male lead character [A Man Called Ove – Fredrik Backman]
O: Book over 350 pages long [One Day in December – Josie Silver (EARC)]

Out of the BlueA Man Called OveOne Day in December

A: Book with a grey cover [Hollow City #2 – Ransom Riggs]
E: Book from an author you haven’t read anything of before [Harshville – Olivia Wildenstein (EARC)]
O: Read a book set in a kingdom / with royals

Hollow City (Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children, #2)Harshville

A: Book with a green cover [Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell]
E: Book with illustrations [Kitchen Princess – Miyuki Kobayashi]
O: Book with air, light, sun or water in the title [Northern Lights #1 – Philip Pullman]

FangirlKitchen Princess: Search for the Angel CakeNorthern Lights (His Dark Materials, #1)

A: Read a book with magic in it [Legendary – Stephanie Garber]
E: A book with a cover that charmed you [Sometime After Midnight – L. Philips]
O: A book that you think will leave a mark [Do Not Disturb – Claire Douglas (EARC)]

Legendary (Caraval, #2)Sometime After MidnightDo Not Disturb: Be careful who you let inside . . .

Total number of books read: 11

My haul


These Rebel Waves (Stream Raiders, #1)Catwoman: Soulstealer (DC Icons series)


Sometime After Midnight

I actually am pretty darn proud of myself when it comes to my book haul! I ordered four different book boxes, of which three have arrived and one hasn’t yet. Apart from that I only bought one more book – and that’s only because I had issues with my eARC but I really, really wanted to read it anyway.
Job well done, I’d say!

How was your month? What was the best and worst book you read?
How many books did you haul?




12 thoughts on “Wrap-up & Book Haul: [N.E.W.T.’s & ARC] August

  1. I had huge plans for my NEWTs, and I still did kind of well, but I got busy in the second half of the month and couldn’t read as much as I wanted 😦 It’s disappointing tbh

    There are some beautiful covers in this post! Sometime After Midnight looks great, so I’m not surprised you chose it for the cover that charmed you prompt 😀

    I ordered one book this month that 1) I want to read, 2) will need to read because I want to base my university thesis on it. It’s No Man Of Woman Born by Ana Mardoll 😀 (I also have two pre-orders I’m looking forward to, but the books only come out in October and it usually takes 2-3 weeks for Book Depository packages to arrive…)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Honestly, I thought I would be able to tick off my entire TBR in August but life had other plans! I was supposed to read four more books, but it just.. wouldn’t work, haha.

      Right?! I absolutely love the cover of Sometime After Midnight. The LGBTQ-factor added even more love and after reading it.. Yup, lovely book, haha.

      Ooh, I looked it up on Goodreads and now want a copy as well! Simply the note alone!
      “Note: No trans or nonbinary characters were killed in the making of this book. Trigger warnings and neopronoun pronunciation guides are provided for each story.”
      Like.. YES PLEASE?!!
      Pre-orders through BD suck sometimes.. I’ve been preordering more and more through Amazon because they deliver way faster most of the time. :/ Not to mention how many times a book from BD didn’t even show up..

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Same tbh, life Happened and suddenly reading disappeared 😀

      Oooh pronunciation guides, nice! I didn’t know it had those, but I knew it has tons of trans and enby people.

      Yeah but you know. Amazon has shipping :/ I’d rather wait more and get it cheaper I guess. Thankfully my BD orders always arrived so far!

      Liked by 1 person

    3. That and there was this one book I wasn’t feeling, but I refused to give up on it and now I’m struggling with its sequel. Once I got that one done, reading life will be good again!

      Also love the trigger warnings!

      Hm. Amazon never adds any shipping when I order books. It does with other stuff, but never books. Stupid it does do that with you. :/

      Liked by 1 person

    4. I’m struggling with one of my books as well but I want to finish it 😦

      huh, that’s weird O_O I’m glad it’s like that for you though!


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