TTT: Movies and series I love[d]!

Top Ten Tuesday

This definitely won’t be a post consisting of ten movies or series, simply because it’s been ages since I actually binged an entire series. Let alone how little movies I watch lately!
You know me – I’d rather be reading.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t times were I do put on Netflix and completely lose myself in the void. There’ve definitely been times like that. Two weeks ago, I watched about three or four movies in one go – so rare, but yup, it happens! I was in the mood for fluff, okay?
So, let’s see what movies / shows I feel like sharing! I’ll try not to make it all fluffy?

TTT general

Today’s topic is “Bingeworthy TV shows / Amazing movies”And it’s so weird not having to use Goodreads for this post – can I just say that?

Let’s start with the movies I watched recently and loved! 

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor to all the boys i've loved before netflixI have to admit – I haven’t even read the book yet and I feel so bad about that since I saw this movie? I absolutely loved how cute To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is. Let alone the actors they used for this movie! Like.. I want the books, but I’m on a book buying ban. I put them on my birthday wishlist so I’m simply hoping I’ll get to read them soon, haha.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor the kissing booth netflix

Can’t help it! More fluff! I watched The Kissing Booth a couple of months ago, I think? I liked it so much, I replayed the whole thing while I was doing dishes and chores, ha.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor deadpool

And then there’s Deadpool. Something different entirely but my boyfriend hadn’t seen it yet and pretty much forbade me from seeing the second one until he had? We only watched it last week, so I can’t even go and see Deadpool 2 in the cinema anymore, but okay. No biggie. He’ll just have to get me the blu-ray now. I love how Deadpool makes me crack up like a lunatic. It’s so over the top but that’s exactly why it works!

Nick Robinson in Love, Simon (2018)

How could I not mention Love, Simon, right? Impossible! I still need to get myself the blu-ray – maybe the boyfriend should just take a look at this post and realize I need all the blu-rays! – but I’m so eager to watch it again and again and again. As with the book, I really fell in love with the movie. One of the best movie adaptions I’ve seen so far – although, I admit, Leah not being plus-sized got on my nerves immediately and I’m still not happy about it. Oh well.

These honestly are the only four movies I can think of right now. Like I said, I haven’t watched a lot of movies lately and… watching them, doesn’t automatically mean wanting to recommend them or loving them..

As for TV shows I love watching / binge-watching? There are definitely a few of those! Although I have to admit I’m way behind on some of them…

Gerelateerde afbeelding

 Arrow is definitely my top show right now. I’m watching it together with my boyfriend and it’s been fun! Favorite character? Felicity, without a doubt. And I wish Laurel would just.. disappear.. I really, really don’t like her. At all. Which is funny since I’m normally not really a “I hate this character!”-kind of person when it comes to TV shows?

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor the originals

I was doubting between The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, but I cannot resist Klaus and Elijah. Two of my favorite characters ever – if only because they’re so.. grey? I guess? I also love how the whole show fits together and I honestly cried my heart and soul out while watching the final. I can’t believe it’s over, you guys! Maybe I’ll put rewatching the entire show on my 2019 bucket list? There’s a thought!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor switched at birth

Now, this TV show is one I’m behind on. I don’t even know how many seasons there are now. Let alone whether it’s been canceled or not?! That happens to way too many amazing shows so I’m really terrified of that.. But hey, still worth watching! Two girls, switched at birth, of which one is deaf. That’s right! Deaf representation all the way in this show! Pretty much the reason why I got hooked in the first place.

One Tree Hill

An oldie, but a goodie – even if I say so myself! One Tree Hill will always be the TV show I go back to whenever I’m in a nostalgic mood. I was addicted to the show – thank you, Chad Michael Murray – from the start and.. I love it still. Sure, the drama is real, but I loved how I went from disliking certain characters to ultimately liking and loving them. 

That’s it. I’m sure there are other shows and movies I’ve loved to pieces, but since I can’t even think of them right now.. I’m not so sure whether I’d rewatch them at some point? Of course, there are shows like Teen Wolf that are just.. Okay, I simply need to restart that whole show because I forgot everything that’s happened so far – and there are a LOT of new creatures every season?! – but I don’t know.. Since I don’t really feel the need to, I’m not sure whether I will? Besides, I’m getting my dose of Colton Haynes in Arrow anyway!


What are some of your favorite TV shows?
What’s are some movies you love that you watched recently?
Do we have anything in common? Any recommendations?



65 thoughts on “TTT: Movies and series I love[d]!

  1. I watched Deadpool literally two days ago for the first time ever. I don’t know. I liked it but it’s not my absolute favorite. I guess it’s not really my humor. Love, Simon is the absolute best and I still have yet to read To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before! My favorite show right now is Dance Moms but I love every Food Network show and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Pretty Little Liars and Castle and NCIS. I’m terrible at keeping up with shows though. The only one I finished is Pretty Little Liars 🤷🏻‍♀️

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    1. Deadpool definitely has a specific kind of humor, that’s for sure! We’ve watched it with a bunch of friends and some found it absolutely hilarious while others didn’t really understand why we were laughing in the first place.
      I watched To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and loooved it! I still haven’t gotten my hands on the books, but I know I will eventually.
      I saw several seasons of Pretty Little Liars, but I ended up getting way too frustrated with A never being properly revealed / always coming back and stopped watching, hah. 🙂

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    2. Yea I just finished watching Deadpool 2. I get the humor but it’s not really my thing. I am glad everyone enjoys it though. Some people say the movie is better but I want to read the books first. I get being frustrated at Pretty Little Liars XD I was a die hard fan so it was easier for me to stay but I liked it. It was my first fandom so it has good memories.

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    3. Haven’t even seen the second one yet. I should totally get on to that, hah.
      I always try forgetting about the book / movie whenever there’s an adaption and just focus on the thing I’m watching / reading, haha. There are always differences and focusing on them can ruin so much!
      Haha, I get that. I was never a real die hard fan. Maybe I would’ve pulled through if I had been.. Or I would’ve gone to not being a die hard fan anymore, haha. Harry Potter will always be my first fandom so I totally get you on that one!

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    4. Yea they gave me a deal where if I watch the first two movies of Deadpool, I get three books XD But I don’t think the movie is necessarily bad. I just would not watch it in my own time. That’s the kind of movie where I can only watch with my friends. Despite what the joke says, it’s not a family friendly movie.
      Yea I’m kind that focuses on the details between the movie and the book but I still enjoy it. For example, Love, Simon had a lot of changes but it’s still one of my favorite book to movie adaptation.
      Yea I think I stayed in Pretty Little Liars long enough because I cared about the characters. I read the books too and the plot was more clean cut in the books but the characters were ugh. So that’s one thing the TV show did right. I read Harry Potter in 2017 so I was definitely late to the party.
      Also completely unrelated but I’m desperate. Every time I go back to your site (or certain other blogs) it logs me out. And when I log back in and go back again, it still treats me as if I’m logged out with that stupid grey follow button. It works on my computer just fine but in my phone it just doesn’t. I even got the app and it still isn’t working. If you know anything, please let me know. All I want to do is just comment and like properly to other bloggers as well. I don’t know if Safari as to do with it or just WordPress on the phone is weird but please help. I am getting desperate.

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    5. My god, why don’t people make deals like that with me?! I’d JUMP on whatever movie. Except maybe horror. I am and always will be a wuss, haha.

      Same! The one thing that frustrated me most about Love, Simon was how Leah isn’t plus-sized at all in the movie, haha. And that’s simply because I loved that rep in the book, but it’s easily one of my favorite movies!
      I would never even consider reading the books, haha. I simply have this vision of me throwing the books around because of all the A-frustrations.

      Oh no! I’ve never had that problem before so I really don’t know how to help you but I get why that’s a problem! I hope you can figure out why it’s happening.. So sorry I can’t help with it. 😦

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    6. Yea that was the only way they could get me to watch Deadpool XD. They also promised me two books if I watched Logan. Nah I would do anything for books and they know it. Although I did play a horror video game “Outlast” that I was terrified of. It was terrible. Never again. Also I died immediately.

      Leah not being plus sized is very annoying. I know it’s not confirmed but the way Leah on the Offbeat was written was so it could be made into a movie. I don’t know how they will do half of the conflict without her being plus sized. How annoying. Also the ending with the reveal of Blue being public and the drama that they made with Leah liking Simon and Simon lying to everyone. I understand they had to make conflict but why… Those were the changes I detested the most though. Also the addition of the principal was annoying.

      Oh yea I definitely get it. One thing the show and the book has in common is the red herrings. You would definitely get frustrated as the pattern to figure it out is 4 books and there are 16. And then from 9-16 is the third A for some reason. But I liked it.

      I honestly think it’s a glitch because after three days, it fixes itself. It’s probably a glitch on WordPress but omg how annoying.

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    7. Can I borrow your friends? Like. Seriously. I’m pretty much not allowed to buy books right now [what with a baby coming and all, our financial priorities have shifted] and I miss browsing bookstores, haha!

      The public reveal, YES! It was.. too much. Like, it took away from the fluffy cuteness I experienced with the book. I knew there’d be some extra drama added, since that’s the case in every contemporary movie so I didn’t mind it all that much really.
      This reminds me I was going to buy the bluray – or at least put it on my Christmas wish list, haha.

      Ugh. Okay, never reading those then!

      Awh. I’m glad it fixes itself though. Would be awful if it’d always be like that!

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    8. Yea my friends spoil me way too much XD Aw that does suck but you can probably still browse. You just can’t buy anything (which is what I do most of the time). Hopefully when you get your bundle of joy, you’ll get some books too.

      RIGHT??? That reveal took from the ending. Plus I wanted Simon and Bram to have their own private moment like they usually do. I’m pretty sure Bram would have shown up in the first place if it wasn’t so public. I know contemporaries have drama but in the movie they amped it up, for no reason. Like there was already a conflict. Why do you need to go and change it? Also I technically don’t have the Blu-ray but my friend has it in her Amazon Prime and I’m logged into her account to watch that movie XD

      Yea it’s not for everyone XD I understand why people haven’t read it but when I see they have read it, I talk about it and stuff. I’ll probably never reread it though.

      Yea but after a couple of hundred times and frustration. Apparently it has something to do with my browser in my phone and not having third party cookies, but they said to try to clear it if I have any problems. It did work so yay for WordPress helping. But lord it’s annoying every time.

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    9. Well, yesterday I heard I have some extra money coming my way so.. I might just be able to justify splurging one last time before he’s born, haha. Let’s hope I can convince the boyfriend. Fingers crossed! [Especially since it’s really MY money and not “OUR” money so..]

      Exactly! It would’ve been way more sweet and cute and fluffy and everything the book showed it to be had they not changed that up! It’s like it always has to be over the top in movies and.. I don’t get why.. Maybe people who haven’t read the book have a different opinion on this – probably – but still.
      Hahaha! See, you really do have amazing friends – that’s for sure! 😛

      At least they figured out a solution! Which is more than I can say for some other issue I’ve had. There are certain blogs where I simply can’t comment on posts since I keep getting this error message saying “Invalid Security Token” and no matter what I do, I can’t seem to get past it? They’ve said something about cookies as well and stuff and I’ve checked EVERYTHING but I just cannot comment. Not on my phone, not on my desktop at home, not at work. Nowhere. It’s weird and frustrating.. Ugh.

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    10. Well if it’s your money then it’s definitely justified for you to splurge yourself and get some books. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. Meanwhile I think I’m getting too many books because it’s starting to overwhelm me but at the same time, I still want some 🙃

      Yea they always have to change some things to make it their “own” and while I understand that, don’t make more drama than there already is. Like they could have just left it alone. Ugh. Still, even with that issue, Love, Simon was successful. And yes I love my friends. They are very supportive ❤️❤️

      Omg that’s terrible. That cookie thing really is a problem. The only reason they said for my issue to be happening is the browser’s fault (Thanks Safari). I had to clear my website data in order to fix it. And the app will still glitch from time to time but I hope everything works out. Maybe if you talk to WordPress something will work?


    1. I couldn’t help myself and watched the movie first. I don’t even own the books, but now I really, really want to read them, haha.
      Gilmore Girls forever! Although it’s been ages since I watched properly. Most of the time it’s been used as “background noise” while doing chores. Oops. :’)

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    2. I’m just re-watching GG, but i’m also doing other stuff in the meantime. Forgot how much they talk. Like, even if i leave the room i don’t actually miss anything 😀

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  2. Nice list!

    Lol, the reason that I literally started watching Arrow was because of Felicity’s character (I had been watching Flash preciously and seen her pop up there). I currently over a season behind on Arrow. Hmm, I really need to get back on that…

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    1. Yes, watch Flash! 🙂
      (tho do be warned that if you wait til you catch up on Arrow, you might be spoiled on some things for Flash, because the two shows often do crossovers/talk about each other)

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  3. Right now, I’ve been binge watching Gotham! I’m glad I got to watch To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before which was fun but not for me, I think? Haha other series I love are Criminal Minds, Modern Family, and Fresh Off the Boat 🙂

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    1. Gotham is on my list of shows to check out someday! I’m honestly not that much of a tv-freak. I’d rather be reading so I’m.. always behind on shows I want to watch, haha.
      Hm, I can see how it’s not for everyone. Not every book is for everyone either, after all!

      I don’t really watch crime shows or comedy for that matter; the only one I remember absolutely loving is Bones, haha. Supernatural stuff and fluff is more my thing. 😀


  4. To All The Boys and Love, Simon were such great adaptations, I loved both so much! And yay for Switched At Birth! I LOVED this show so, so much, I’m so happy to see it on your list 😀

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    1. Hahahaha! Honestly, I just love how over the top the whole movie is. The BF went all “Are you seriously saying this is a good movie?” when we were five minutes in, but he has this habit of pointing out all the non-realistic things. Once he got over that and accepted how over the top Deadpool is, he LOVED it. 😀

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  5. Wow, I can’t believe this is my first time encountering your blog because wow, I love the layout??? It’s so lovely. ❤


    I loved Deadpool, too! I’m a huge Marvel stan so I highly recommend that you watch all the films, if you haven’t yet. Especially Black Panther, Thor Ragnarok, and Captain America: Civil War. ❤

    I also really, really recommend Crazy Rich Asians, too!

    Wonderful post.

    * TTT: 10 feel-good TV series to binge-watch while studying/rewriting notes

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aawh, thank you so much! I think I came across your blog for the first time when someone posted about your spreadsheets-post. [Which reminds me that I still have to look into it when I’m at home so I can save my mess of a spreadsheet..]

      Blank Panther IS AMAZING. I got to see it in the cinema – no regrets whatsoever. I’m thinking about making it a goal for next year, to watch all the Marvel movies. If only so I have the perfect excuse to watch them all, haha.

      Thank you! ❤


  6. I loved To All the Boys- so well done! Nice to see a YA adaptation done really well. And Arrow- I used to watch but haven’t seen it in ages, I’m behind now by a season or two.

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