WWW Wednesday

Last week I was hating on the sudden heat, now I’m all about the coldness – yay! Funny how Belgium always seems to go from heat to cold in 0.3 seconds or something. But, that means I did already get some cozy reading time in! Blanket, cozy socks, hot drink, book, scented candle – yes plea-hease! I’m ready for more!

So; let’s see what I read and.. what my reading plans look like for the upcoming week!

As always, covers link back to the Goodreads-page, so feel free to check them out!

Current read

The Confectioner's Guild (The Confectioner Chronicles Book 1)

This is the only book I’m reading right now – an eARC. I’m.. liking it so far but it isn’t blowing me away. The world-building feels all over the place and I seriously can’t seem to make sense of the political side of things. Maybe it’s just me? I don’t know. Let’s hope it gets better! Or I might just start a second current read..

Finished reading

The Scarecrow Queen (The Sin Eater’s Daughter, #3)Catwoman: Soulstealer (DC Icons series)Girls of Paper and Fire

I did it! Finished two more sequels and then caved by picking up Girls of Paper and Fire. I am SO GLAD I did too! That book is.. is.. no words, okay? I still have to try and write a decent review because my head was spinning at the end. Can I just say I need the sequel – like, yesterday? Please?

Reading next

Okay, so… Sequel September isn’t over yet, which means I should probably try squeezing one more in before the month is over. I’m thinking of picking up either The Amber Spyglass #3 or The Retribution of Mara Dyer #3. Both endings of series so.. that should be the best thing to do, right? But I’m also very, very tempted to pick up either Wildcard or Escaping From Houdini – or both? So.. I don’t know! What should I doooo? New vs. old!
Starting October 1st, however, I’m definitely starting with my IT-readalong since I want to keep up with my own schedule, haha! I wonder how that’ll go..

The Amber Spyglass (His Dark Materials, #3)The Retribution of Mara Dyer (Mara Dyer, #3)It

ARC overview

On one hand, I was so proud my ARC’s were getting read but.. well.. As you can see, that’s over and done with for now! Definitely got some ARC’s I want to pick up soon – fingers crossed they’re all amazing!

Imber (Thanatos Trilogy #1)Oliver and Erica: When Friends become LoversOne New York ChristmasThe Queen's WingEmpress of All SeasonsThe Girl King

Which one of my ARC’s would you pick up first?
Are you participating in the IT-readalong?
How was your reading week?!




15 thoughts on “COZY READING TIME HERE I COME! – WWW: September 26th

  1. Ohhh, I’m so happy you enjoyed Girls of Paper and Fire, I’m excited to read your review now, so gather your thoughts about it, because I need to knoooooow hahaha 😀
    AND YAY ahhh, The Amber Spyglass and Mara Dyer I am so excited for you to read both of these! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I knooooow! I’m trying but it’s hard! There are SO MANY things I want to say about it but I just.. can’t find the way. And I feel like my review will be way too long as well. We’ll see! Going to check out my drafts later on. Hopefully I’ll figure it out. 😛
      Finished Mara Dyer already and loved it! The Amber Spyglass will have to wait for a bit though. I’m.. not feeling fantasy right now? Guess I overdid it a bit in that genre lately. Oops. :’)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve heard good things about Empress of All Seasons. As for Escape from Houdini, Mandy just dropped a review on Goodreads (blog coming later) and she was NOT feeling it. So maybe grab a different book for now! I looove reading the final in a series. Finding out how everyone ends up, if the ending is a true HEA… I would be so tempted to buy those two finales right away!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve purposely stayed clear of reviews, haha. I don’t want to get influenced before reading it myself.
      Oh boo! That sucks! I haven’t picked it up yet and am now in the middle of another books so.. I might not read it for a while anyway. Curious to see her review on it though.
      Yup, same! Although it does always hurt to see a story wrapped up as well, haha. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Smart thinking, avoiding reviews. I generally use that tactic myself unless I’ve started a book, am feeling a bit of dislike, and want some encouragement.
      You should totally make your own decision but at the very least I wpuld try to borrow Escape from Houdini instead of buying it, to see how it plays out.
      Very true!


    1. Oh, I’m getting used to it alright. I’ve been snuggling my sweaters and haven’t left the house without my scarf, haha. Thinking of doing a walk this afternoon as well. 🙂

      Thank you. ❤ Being at home right now definitely helps a lot. At least the work-related stress has gone now.

      Liked by 1 person

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