A day late but better late than never! – WWW: October 10th / 11th

WWW Wednesday

Being at home for a while definitely boosted my reading in some ways so.. once again, I read a lot of books. And yes, I realize this post is a day late but as I mentioned yesterday: I really wanted to put up a post regarding World Mental Health Day since that’s way more important than my reading update!
I hope you’re all doing okay and even if you’re not: that’s okay as well.
Sometimes surviving the day is the only goal and there’s nothing wrong with that. Absolutely nothing.

Now.. Let’s see what I’ve been up to reading-wise!

As always, covers link back to the Goodreads-page, so feel free to check them out!

Current read

ItSinner (The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #4)Empress of All Seasons

As I said last week, I bought myself an ecopy of IT as well because.. it’s way more comfortable to read, haha. I also got well into Maggie Stiefvater’s Mercy Falls series – yay! And because I wasn’t feeling IT at one point, I started Empress of All Seasons as well. So far, so good! I’m not that far in yet, but I’m intrigued by the creatures and world – not to mention how rooting for outcasts is.. my thing.

Finished reading

Supernaturally (Paranormalcy, #2)Shiver (The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #1)Linger (The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #2)Forever (The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #3)

NI’m kind of kicking myself for not continuing with Endlessly after Supernaturally so I could immediately finish the entire series but.. well.. I didn’t read that much over the weekend and with the Magical Readathon to gain some extra credit for Charms.. I had to jump on my TBR for that one with Stiefvater’s books!
Quite liked those, although Sam’s POV was getting on my nerves a lot in Forever. Felt to me like an eternal pity-party that kept repeating itself and I was.. over it. So over it.

Reading next

Goddess of the Sea (Goddess Summoning, #1)The Art of Baking Blind

If I want to finish my set TBR for this week, next in line is Goddess of the Sea by P.C. Cast. I loved the House of Night-books so I’m hoping these will have the same effect, hah.
Fingers crossed I’ll feel tempted to binge some installments!
Another possibility is.. The Art of Baking Blind. That cover’s been on my radar for a while now and.. after all the fantasy, I might just need something like this one. That is, if I succeed at keeping on my IT-schedule.. Ugh.

ARC overview

Imber (Thanatos Trilogy #1)Oliver and Erica: When Friends become LoversOne New York ChristmasThe Queen's WingThe Girl KingThe Gilded Wolves (The Gilded Wolves, #1)

One moved to my “currently reading”, but apart from that.. No change!
*So also no additions, yay me!*


How did your week go?



11 thoughts on “A day late but better late than never! – WWW: October 10th / 11th

    1. Still have the fourth one to read but.. like.. I’ve been busy with other stuff the last couple of days and barely read a thing. 😂
      I’m absolutely set on reading them though. I still have to read THIRTY “old” books if I want Gust to curse me for succeeding at his challenge. 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I recently finished The Shinning and I absolute loved it!!💖 I’m now reading another Stephen King, Carrie and it’s going nice so far.
    Happy reading!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, it’s pretty common for me, although I usually try and finish some of my current reads before putting up this post. I’m always reading at least two books at the same time. 😛



    2. Same here. It started with me carrying one book back and forth between home and work… and then leaving it one place or the other. Haha. Now, I have a work book, a home book, and a ‘while I’m stuck in line’ book.

      Liked by 1 person

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