BOOKS I WOULDN’T PICK UP BUT AM TEMPTED TO ANYWAY – A journey through Destiny’s blog and her spooky recommendations


This post is, without a doubt, something I’ve never done before! Being October and everybody being all about the spooky, creepy and skin-crawling reads, I kind of felt a.. little left out? In a way? Simply because I’m a huge scaredy-cat and reading horror is something I have to mentally prepare myself for – for a very long time too..

But it does have its upsides, because it made me think of this one-time feature! You all might or might not know Destiny from Howling Librariesif you don’t, you should totally check out her blog! – who not only reads YA fantasy and contemporary, genres I love, but also horror! I thought she deserved to be in the spotlight for once, and what better way to do that than use her blog to create a unique post! At least, I think it’s unique?

I usually read / skim her horror-reviews – I never really take them in like I do with her other reviews, because my brain goes “as if you’re reading that book anyway” and that’s that. Yes, I’m admitting to this. No shame. For once, though, I feel like changing that and giving some of her rec’s an actual shot!

I’ve browsed through a bunch of her posts – reviews, lists, whatnot – and picked out some of the spooky books that I actually just might pick up some day! I figured.. I can’t be the only wuss out there, so maybe there are others who might just get intrigued enough by these titles to give them a shot as well?


All covers link back to Goodreads!

We Sold Our SoulsWhile We Sold Our Souls absolutely has horror elements and a wonderful plot that kept me engaged from start to finish, what I loved most about it was the fact that, at its core, it reads like a love song to metalheads and music lovers everywhere.”

That is the sentence that pretty much convinced me to add this book to my TBR! Although I listen more to rock than metal, I still see myself as a member of the metal community since so many of my friends are part of it. I love music in stories, so this just might be the motivation I need to pick up a more creepy book!

Doorbells at Dusk: Halloween Stories“That said, there’s a shockingly low amount of actual Halloween representation in most of the horror books I read, so when I heard about this anthology full of horror stories taking place on Halloween, I didn’t hesitate.”

Yup, here Destiny had me pretty quickly. Although I’m no horror-fan at all, I did try to find some stories that are set on Halloween and could barely find any. Having an anthology with exactly that? Bingo! Not to mention I can just take a breather after one freak-out before starting the next…

A Monstrous Love: Two Halloween RomancesA Monstrous Love is a collection of two very short, spooky, delightfully queer stories, and is a perfect Halloween read.”

Not only does this book consists of two short stories – win since it’s less time to freak me out?! -, there’s also mention of queer characters! And to top it off, Destiny also said something about cooking in the second story! So, yup.. This one went on my TBR as well. [And they’re really short too, apparently, since Goodreads shows 17 pages. Talk about a quick read!]

City of Ghosts (Cassidy Blake, #1)“That said, City of Ghosts is on the lighter end of the MG horror spectrum, so if you’re looking to hand a copy of this to a kid in your life, I’d say it’s suitable as long as they aren’t terribly easily frightened.”

It’s horror, but middle grade and it’s supposed not to be very scary.. On top of that, I’ve heard a ridiculous amount of praise for Schwab and I’m already planning on picking up the ADSOM-books eventually so.. Why not add this one to my TBR as well, right?! I simply have this feeling I’m going to love her writing.

Sparrow Hill RoadSparrow Hill Road doesn’t feel like just a ghost story—it also feels like a love story to truck stops and diners, the quiet night life of the rural in-between towns, and a life lived out on the open road. It’s the kind of rare story that makes you want to go get lost in the wild for a while, just to get out in the quiet and listen to what the roads have to say.”

A dead girl of sixteen who’s still running from her murderer and is hitchhiking to do so. The way Destiny described this story simply got to me because I love being on the road, just going for a drive. That’s probably why Sparrow Hill Road speaks to me like it does!


 Pretty sure I can conclude I’m.. very picky when I try coming out of my comfort zone. You guys don’t even want to know how many of Destiny’s reviews I read to create this list. I also know very well I will not read anything that’s zombie-related or sci fi-related when it comes to horror. I just don’t do zombies and science fiction is a genre I’m still discovering so I want to do that in my own time.

Are you someone who loves reading horror? Or more of a wuss like me?
Maybe something in between?
Is there anything on this list you’d pick up as well? Or maybe already have?
Do you have any recommendations for a horror-noob and wuss like myself?



22 thoughts on “BOOKS I WOULDN’T PICK UP BUT AM TEMPTED TO ANYWAY – A journey through Destiny’s blog and her spooky recommendations

  1. Oh, i haven’t read any of these yet. We Sold Our Souls seems interesting.
    I could totally recommend The Hunger by Alma Katsu if you are looking for horror. This one is based on real historical events also.

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  2. That’s exactly me!! I’ve felt kinda left out all month because I just… don’t read that many spooky or scary books. I have some on my TBR that are diverse or sound really interesting, but they are on the bottom of my priority list so I’ll probably never get them. So I really feel you 😀

    I read A Monstrous Love and I wouldn’t say it was scary at all, but the second story… caught me off guard. Not in a scary way, but in a “eww I’m not sure I want to read about that topic” way. I’m not sure if you want spoilers, so I’m leaving it off, but I know I would have been happier if someone told me what it’s about instead of being vague 😀

    The Halloween horror anthology sounds interesting!

    Sparrow Hill Road is also on my TBR and I really want to read it 😀

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    1. Aawh! So understandable though. I haven’t been blog hopping all that much during October but the Halloween-fever was REAL – that’s for sure. Maybe I should come up with a readathon for wussies or something.. That way we’d all have a support system whenever we get freaked out, haha.

      Oh lord. Well.. I’m not sure about actually buying / picking any of these up FOR SURE but.. I’m going to try and remember to check triggers and stuff like that before I do. I’ve noticed it’s something I just have to do whenever I pick up something horror-related anyway since those tend to include more triggers than other books.. :’)

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  3. Destiny is literally the queen of horror recs, even if I’m too much of a wuss to read horror!!! Hahaha. A few of these do sound really intriguing though, and I do want to read City of Ghosts! Lovely post, Kathy! ❤

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    1. Haha, that’s definitely true!
      I really, really don’t like getting scared but sometimes I do have this weird need to prove I’m not THAT big of a wuss? Of course, that always ends with me realizing I’m exactly that big of a wuss but hey. 😛

      Thank you!

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  4. Thank you so much for posting this, Kathy! You’re so sweet and I’m not ashamed to say I cried a little when you told me you were doing this post because it made me feel so special. :’) ♥ All five of these are books I absolutely, completely adored and I don’t think any of them were terribly over-the-top scary, so I really hope you’ll enjoy them!

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    1. You’re very, very welcome! ❤ And you are special so you were right feeling that way, HA.
      I'm really hoping to pick some of them up. I'm keeping them in mind for when I want something spooky and.. well.. don't have anything spooky that isn't packed yet. :')

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  5. You’re not a scaredy-cat (okay, maybe a little) – you just haven’t fully realized the benefits of the darkside. There’s a whole new world out there, Kathy. So take the first step into the dark, damp basement… we’ve got your back 😱

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    1. Hahaha!
      Maybe, maybe not. I really do have to read some other spooky reads than King’s books though. I THINK I might be convinced to join the dark side if I find the right books. I just have to.. push myself to actually pick them up. 😛

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    2. Kathy you are motivating me to push myself too. See, I may talk tough about the dark side when it comes to books, but I am a wuss when it comes to movies. Not your ghost stories or movies about demons – I can handle those. I’m talking about stuff that I find plausible, like The Hills Have Eyes or Wrong Turn :O I can’t watch those without a knot in my stomach. Every time I think about sitting down to watch one, I suddenly get the urge to do laundry or work on next years tax returns ;P

      You’re giving me hope 🙂

      Video Night and Mercy House both by Adam Cesare
      Sick House and Bring Her Back both by Jeff Strand

      Adam and Jeff are quickly becoming two of my favorite authors.

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    3. Haha, I can totally see your point in that. I think it’s easier to play off books as “it’s just a story” than a movie well done. Like.. If you’ve SEEN it, it’s still so different compared to reading it? I’m creeped out by any horror movie though. Like, ANY. The ones that make me paranoid are worst of all. I still get all shiver-y just thinking about It Follows. That movie freaked me out big time. O_O I was paranoid for WEEKS.

      I added three of your rec’s to my TBR on Goodreads! Mercy House doesn’t really speak to me, but the other three sound pretty interesting. 🙂 Thank you!


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