Top Ten Tuesday

I feel like this is such a.. confronting topic.. Simply because a lot of us have shelves overflowing with backlist titles we still haven’t read. And it’s not because we don’t want to read them – we do! – it’s.. because those new, shiny books keep distracting us.. And then you get a whole mountain of unread books.. Which leads you to compile a list of all your unread books with the sole purpose of making you cry – and motivate you to actually read them but yeah.

TTT general

TSo, as I said, today’s topic is “Backlist Books I Want To Read” and I’m back to.. trying to stick to the topic! If only because I did like going through my older books to see which ones catch my eye most. 
Read: go through my Goodreads-shelves since most of my books are in boxes right now..

Wicked Lovely (Wicked Lovely, #1)Alice in Zombieland (White Rabbit Chronicles, #1)A Darker Shade of Magic (Shades of Magic, #1)Nevernight (The Nevernight Chronicle, #1)
The Upside of UnrequitedScythe (Arc of a Scythe #1)Watching Glass ShatterDaughter of the Burning City

All covers link back to Goodreads if you feel like checking them out!

I think it’s pretty obvious I’m eager to start some new series, looking at those covers.. The reason I haven’t is simply that I wanted to finish some series first – which I’ve been doing these past two months so who knows! Nevernight is a book I keep procrastinating on, because.. I don’t own Godsgrave yet and people have told me over and over how I’ll need Darkdawn immediately. So I’m waiting for that one before diving into Nevernight?
Scythe is one my boyfriend read and keeps telling me I should read ASAP. I will.. eventually! Promise!

What are some of the popular books on your backlist? Why do you think you haven’t read them yet? Is there any specific reason?

Feel free to leave a link to your TTT so I can check it out!




  1. I liked Ace of Shades, so I’ll probably want to read Daughter of the Burning City at some point. Scythe is a book I’d like to read at some point too.

    Why haven’t I got to books on my backlist? Well, there’s only so much time. When there’s books that are set in the same universe, I like to start from the very beginning. So I haven’t read Six of Crows because I want to read the Grisha Verse books first.

    I am reading a lot though. I’ve read 74 books so far, many of which are older, so I guess that I’ll get to some of those older books one of these days.

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    1. Haha, I didn’t even know I was supposed to read the Grisha-trilogy first! I just dove straight into Six of Crows and then found out. Now they’ve been on my TBR for ages so.. yeah..

      74 is an awesome number! We’ll get there eventually. 🙂


  2. Hehe, i’ve also been sitting on Scythe since forever…
    I get distracted by almost anything. Most of the time it’s kindle book sales. I just have to get them all 😀

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    1. Both those books are on my TBR.. In a way I want to read Ace of Shades more than Daughter of the Burning City but.. since authors tend to improve TONS in between works, I feel like I should read Daughter first, haha.


  3. Scythe made my list this week too. I both equally love and hate this topic. I love seeing backlist titles people want to read and reminiscing about old favorites. I hate that I’m adding even MORE reads to my already cramped TBR list and now feel like there aren’t enough hours lol!

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    1. You’re feeling like that “now”?! I feel like that ALL THE TIME, haha. There’ll never be enough time to read all the books I want to read, that’s for sure.. 😛 Backlist posts are pretty much my favorite ones to read? Mostly because I feel that books mentioned in those are books that actually stick with you and leave a mark while new books.. Who knows – we might’ve forgotten all about them in a year or couple years’ time..


    1. I knooow! I promise I’ll read them eventually! Hopefully before the year is over, to be honest!

      Ooh boy. I’m no fan of horror – too big of a wuss – so.. let’s see how that goes, haha!


  4. I can’t really explain why my list is blacklisted other than I was probably distracted by other shiny new books. I do want to make more of an effort to read them and get them off of my TBR for good.

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    1. I hope you’ll be able to succeed at just that! It’s why I mostly host my reading challenges and try joining other challenges / readathons. They definitely help me to get books off my TBR. 🙂


  5. My tbr is massive as well. I fully intend to read all the books on it, but I need more time! Plus, when it seems that for every book I read, I end up adding a couple more to my list. Speaking of, I’d really like to read some V.E. Schwab! Still, I’d rather have too many books to read than not enough. Here is my Top Ten Tuesday.

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    1. Exactly! I’m in the exact same battle you are! I do want to read all the books on my TBR but.. my TBR grows faster than I can shorten it.

      I haven’t read anything by Schwab yet either but I’m soooo sure she’ll be one of my favorite authors anyway? It’s weird to think like that already so I can only hope her books will live up to my expectations, haha.

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    1. I’m expecting to conclude pretty much the same thing once I pick them up, but.. maybe I’ll be in JUST the right head space that it won’t bother me? I have those times where I can read books meant for younger me without getting annoyed. Other times they annoy the hell out of me though.. It all depends on my mood. 😛

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  6. Great list! I LOVED The Upside of Unrequited, I hope you enjoy it when you get to it. 🙂 I’ve been on a bit of a roll with series this year; I’ve finished four series this year which is very unusual for me as I’m a terrible finisher, but it does still take me a while to start them. I think I prefer starting series when I know there’s another book already waiting for me or at least on its way that I can jump into before I forget too much of the first book!

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    1. Thank you! I’m hoping to get to it fairly soon but we all know how that goes, haha.
      Ooooh, well done you! I’ve also finished some series, but I’m way more proud of series I started this year AND finished this year.. mostly because I suck at finishing them and often leave them be for months and months before picking up the sequels, haha.
      I wish I was like that! I can own all books in a series and STILL succeed at postponing them.. It’s horrible..

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  7. I think you’re the only person I’ve ever seen mention Watching Glass Shatter 😀 I own an ecopy too but haven’t read it yet… and I havea physical copy of Daughter of the Burning City and it sounds so awesome and yet just… nah.

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    1. Hahah. I’ve been following James for over a year, I think? Immediately bought a copy of his book once the physical ones were available and I always meant to read it.. but.. never got around to it. Putting it on this list pretty much equals me shaming myself, really. 😛
      I’ve heard mixed things on Daughter of the Burning City but.. I’m a sucker for anything circus-related so I just.. need to read it? Eventually..

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  8. Oh my gosh Nevernight is AMAZING. It takes a hundred or so pages to get into the story and the writing style but it is so worth the perseverance! You’ll definitely want to read Godsgrave immediately afterwards though so I can completely understand wanting to wait until Darkdawn is released and then marathoning them all! I also really want to read Scythe and A Darker Shade of Magic!

    Here’s my TTT if you want to check it out!

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    1. That’s good to know! I tend to give up if I don’t get sucked into a story immediately so knowing I have to dig my heels in and read on is definitely needed, haha! Ooohkay. People keep saying that. Thing is.. On one hand I want to already buy Godsgrave, but I have a paperback copy of Nevernight and.. Should I love it as much as I’m expecting to, I’ll want to replace it with a hardcover copy? So.. then I’ll better wait with my Godsgrave-purchase so I can buy the hardcover immediately? It’s a dilemma, really!


  9. This is such a great list Kathy! I really liked ADSOM and I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts about it whenever you can read it 😀
    I also want to read Scythe and The Upside of Unrequited, I heard amazing things about both of these books, so I’m very excited to get to them someday 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I’ve been wanting to read those books for AGES now. Let’s hope I finally find the time to do so, haha. 😛
      Same here! Scythe is becoming a “priority” because my boyfriend simply will not. shut. up. about it. :’)

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