TTT: Things on my PERSONAL LIBRARY wish list!

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I will try not to boast too much over how I’ll be having my own library-like room once we’ve moved but.. like.. can you blame me for boasting just a little bit? Most of us harbor that dream and not everyone is so lucky as to realize it – I know that! – but.. I am? And I feel thrilled and stoked and.. and.. everything!

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So, I feel like today is the perfect opportunity to talk a bit about what I’d want to add in my library room. Especially since it kind of goes with today’s TTT topic, which is “Bookish Items / Merchandise I’d Like To own” and I’m changing it only a little bit by going with “Things I’d Like To See In My Library“!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor muur vol met fotolijstjes If there’s one thing I’d absolutely love, it’s to dedicate a piece of my wall to bookish art! Whether it be things I purchased myself, received in subscription boxes or simply quotes. I just want something like that to add that little bit of extra bookish-ness!

One very important thing I also have yet to buy is a new reading sofa. I’m planning on getting rid of my current one because it’s giving me back pains lately and.. well.. a reading spot can’t do that, right?! I’m not even using it anymore because of that, which is a huge pity. I’m not sure yet what kind of sofa / armchair I’d like, but I do plan on trying out a lot of them before making up my mind, haha. Especially since most look comfortable, but don’t necessarily are.Afbeeldingsresultaat voor cozy reading spot

If any of you have specific ones in mind I should give a try, do let me know!

One other thing I’ve come across quite a few times lately and lost my heart to, are TBR carts! If you haven’t heard of those yet, let me enlighten you: It’s a cart that holds your – you guessed it! – TBR!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor tbr cartRight now, I stack them up at the start of each month and go through them as I wish but.. I kind of want a more “aesthetic” look for my TBR? If you know what I mean? Something that isn’t just a random stack of books on my desk. Even better: If I manage to only fill up the lower shelves, I can use the top one to hold my drinks, snacks and candles! That equals having a TBR cart and side table in one – win?! 

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor reading chandelierAnother thing I need to think about and figure out is lighting. Having the perfect reading light is so important to me since bright light or too dim light either tires or hurts my eyes. I’m thinking about a vintage-like chandelier as general lighting and then find some kind of standing lamp to put next to my reading spot. The standing lamp is something I’ve yet to figure out more, but the chandelier.. Yup, really want a vintage one! I know my furniture is more in the modern style, but that makes me even more eager to mix it up a bit?

What are some things you deem “essential” to have in a reading room?
What extras would you love to have yourself?
Maybe I can get some more ideas this way!

Feel free to leave a link to your TTT so I can check it out!



83 thoughts on “TTT: Things on my PERSONAL LIBRARY wish list!

  1. Ooo, so pretty! A wall of bookish art would indeed be lovely. 🙂

    Thanks bunches for the Finding Wonderland visit, Kathy; my apologies for the visit to your space.


  2. I have a bookish art print wall in my library. It is wonderful, especially with some of the art that I get in book subscription boxes. I still need to get a reading chair or couch or something.

    For lighting, I definitely recommend getting daylight light bulbs. They really brighten up a room by simulating actual daylight. They also make it a lot easier for all that lovely book photography.

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    1. Exactly! I have a whole pile of bookish art that I got from sub boxes and whatnot so it’s definitely time to showcase it in some way.

      I’m going to keep that in mind! Right now, I’m focused on finding the chandelier of my dreams, hah. I want a big one so it gives plenty of light but also one with multiple lightbulbs that are spread out? In an older / more classic style at that. Feels like I’m asking for “too much” since I haven’t found one that fits all those things just yet.


    1. Haha, I know the feeling. Right now I’m okay, but that’s solely because most of my books are in boxes and I can’t really.. see.. how my book buying is getting out of hand at the moment? :’)


  3. I have to admit I’m a little jealous that you have a whole room for books!! *hearteyes* that’s the dream come true! And a chandelier would give it really truly vintage library vibes, that’d be sooo cool!! I hope you get to execute all your library plans & wished!!!!

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    1. Haha, I hope you’ll someday get to have your own library room! ❤
      Right?! I'm starting to doubt between a hanging one like on the picture or a.. bigger one that's even more eye-catching? I don't know yet!
      Thank you! ❤

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  4. I’m definitely dreaming of my own personal library room, so I totally get being excited about it, haha! I love your entire list already, I think it will look amazing! Especially love your vintage chandelier idea! I’d probably just add some more little things like cute pillows or a cozy blanket 🙂

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    1. Haha, thank you!! My boyfriend already tried to veto the chandelier but.. like.. It’ll be MY room so he won’t have any say in it anyway, haha. I already have a bunch of bookish pillow cases but I do want a bookish blanket as well! Found some gorgeous ones on an Etsy shop called SweetSequels yesterday and I might just.. 😀


  5. There is nothing wrong with bragging about getting a library…I have a library in my house now (it’s the foyer, but we made it a library) although it’s currently half boxed up because of damage to the house from a not so recent storm (the books are all okay though!)

    I think your decoration ideas are amazing, and I’d never heard of a TBR cart before, it’s something that would definitely be worth looking into I think.

    Have a great week.

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    1. Ha, thank you! It’s a shame your house got damaged.. Storms like that aren’t common over here so I’m hoping it’ll never happen to us. I’m glad your books are okay, but more importantly that you are!

      Thank you! I really love the idea of that cart. I can’t seem to find one I absolutely like though, since I’d love a wooden one but most of those are ridiculously expensive. We’ll see!

      You too. 🙂


  6. Those carts are such a cute look! I really hope to get one as well once I have my own space! My dream book purchase is those seats that have shelves around them. It’d make grabbing my tbrs so much easier!!

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  7. Ooh i love your spin on the topic. Seriously, these ideas are #librarygoals. Even I have dreamed about how I would want my library to look like – a window reading nook, a circular bookshelf (my grandma’s house had one and I have wanted one like it since i was a kid!), a wall full of posters and fanart.

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    1. Thank you!! ❤ I think we've all dreamed of it at one point, haha. I do hope you're as lucky as I am and actually get to realize the dream though! That window reading nook sounds perfect. I won't have one, but I don't really mind since my reading room will be at the front of the house on the ground floor so.. that'd be a bit weird with people passing by, haha. 😛


  8. My library room dream is also becoming real too!
    I plan to get a comfy armchair .. lots of cushions and blankets because this one has a broken back.
    TBR cart has been added to my wishlist too
    Bookish arts (that i got from fairyloot) will be framed and put on the walls too
    I’m also getting a coffee table, it’s mesh with a lid, so I can remove the lid and store all my blankets in it
    a tall standing lamp because lighting is important to me, has to be bright ^_^

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    1. Oooh! Awesome! 😀
      I have some pillow cases already thanks to sub boxes, but I do need some more pillows to actually fill them up with, haha. And I found some Etsy shops with bookish throw blankets earlier today?! Definitely need one of those!

      Oh, I love the idea of that coffee table with a lid! Should definitely put that on my list as well! Thank you for the idea! 😀

      I already have a standing lamp, which I can bend in every which way – pretty handy since it automatically makes sure I can control the lighting even better. 😀

      I hope to see how your library room turns out! 😀


  9. LUCKY YOU! I need my own library room D: This is an excellent list, though, by the way! I never knew about TBR carts?? I think I need one. Because I, too, don’t like just having a stack of books sitting…I mean, that happens on the regular, but that doesn’t make it my “TBR” stack. Anyhow, I hope in the next couple of years we’ll be moving into a bigger house, because everything is just kind of cramped right now. Then maybe I can have my own reading room/office. 😀

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    1. Thank you!
      I saw the TBR cart pop up once or twice and was intrigued, haha. It wasn’t until someone mentioned using the top as her side table for snacks / drinks that I was completely sold. Now I NEED it in my life!
      Hahaha. Book stacks are so common for all of us. I actually get annoyed with all my stacks sometimes.. 😛
      Ooh, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! We’re currently still living in our apartment and it feels even more cramped than it already did ever since we saw the house we ended up buying. :’) Now it’s even harder to tolerate the tiny spaces..


  10. Oh mi gersh! Congrats on getting your own library room!!! That’s so exciting!
    Lighting is a very important aspect of reading for me, if the light is too dim then I’d likely fall asleep quicker. But if its too bright then my eyes feel like I’m staring into the sun for hours and I don’t want that…. I just wanna read my book.

    I would do a TBR cart but *dumps every book on bookshelves onto cart*… There won’t be enough cart. XD
    Happy Reading! And hunting for library essentials! 😀

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    1. Thank you!! And right?! I’ve been looking forward to it for YEARS and it’s really happening, haha.

      Ugh, I totally get your point. I struggle with lighting all the time, which is why I’ll have to think long and hard on what kind of chandelier / light bulbs / things like that I’ll be using. I also hate it when there’s some dark corners in a room? So I’ll have to take THAT into account as well. :’)

      Haha! I plan on only putting the books I post on my monthly TBR on the cart. Keyword “plan” since.. well.. I’ll probably end up putting new book mail on there as well.. We’ll see! xD

      Thank you!! ❤

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  11. Oh my gosh I’ve never heard of a TBR cart but that’s… pretty awesome! And I love hanging bookish art. It’s really cool you’re going to have a library room. I love the look of that armchair… I want one too lol.

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    1. Right?! It’ll be a multifunctional cart! Priority TBR / reading necessities / snacks and drinks-cart all in one!
      Haha, I really prefer reading in an armchair over a couch. I just have to find the right one still!


  12. I definitely can’t blame you for boasting haha. We’re planning to move into a bigger house within the next 2 years or so and I cannot wait to have my own library room as well. I’ve already been thinking a lot about how I want to decorate this room and such so I loved reading your article! I’m looking forward to put my wall tapestries on there and art prints and such as well. Can’t wait for you to move and decorate your room and I hope you’ll be showing us around in an article how it’ll look like in the end. Great things to look forward to!

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    1. Aaw, awesome! So happy you enjoyed it. 😀 I hope you get your own library to decorate as soon as possible, haha.
      I’ll definitely be making some kind of “tour” post once the room is exactly how I want it to be! I’ll be way too proud not to, I reckon. 😛

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  13. Easy place to put snacks so that cart would totally be an awesome fit haha. I have one that I took over from my son when we had to put everything item behind closed doors (the joys of being able to climb out of cribs) so now I use it to put my tbr and read books of that month in. It is bliss haha.

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    1. Exactly! And if I go from the reading spot to my desk, I can simply take it with me too!
      Oh lord. That’s something I’ve yet to deal with but at least I’m still safe for a while longer, haha. I’m already demanding a lock for my library just in case. :’)

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  14. Ah, nice! I defo like that reading armchair from the picture ❤ Looks comfy AF.
    Those little cart thingies are super cute too. Have been seeing them around on people's insta and blogs, and i totally want one too 😀

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    1. Right?! I swear I’ll be testing all the armchairs once I get to buy one, haha.
      At first, I didn’t really want one to be honest. Until someone showed of theirs and they used the top “shelf” as a side table. I was SOLD, haha.

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  15. Ahh a personal library honestly you’re living the dream Kathy! I’m going to need so many pictures once it’s all over haha 😀
    I love the ide of hanging bookish art, as well as having a special cart or something for your TBR, I’d love to do that if I had more space haha. Oh well, maybe when I’ll get my own place I will 😀
    Lovely post! xxx

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    1. Oh, trust me, there will be a post FILLED with pictures once that room is the way I want it to be, haha!
      Right? It was honestly when packing all my bookish things I realized how many art I have that’s just been.. laying around? Such a waste so I have to do something with it!
      Hope you end up with a library room as well one day. ❤

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