WINTER ~ Wrapping up my seasonal TBR, goals and bucket list!

Winter wrap up

As I posted my Spring goals / TBR earlier this week, it’s time to wrap-up my eventful Winter! I really did do a lot of things, which I honestly didn’t expect. I thought I’d be stuck to my couch for at least a month before giving birth but.. I ended up being a bit of a Duracell bunny trying to get as many things done as possible. Yes, I was still stripping the walls of wallpaper at 39 weeks pregnant; I’m crazy like that.

Anyway. Let’s take a look at the goals, bucket list and TBR I created at the start of Winter to see what I was able to tick off! Hint: A LOT!

Season Goals

Book / blog / Goodreads – related

º CHECK – Read 20 books. [I think I read over 30?]
° CHECK – Stay on top of our Goodreads-group – Devour Your TBR! [At least, until the wiggle was born.]
º Check all books I read in 2018 and make sure their Goodreads-reviews are.. posted.. [Nope..]
° CHECK – Post a new recipe! [Chocolate mug cake!]
° CHECK – Keep using Goodreads-shelves for my monthly TBR’s.

Okay, so. I didn’t manage to write all the reviews I wanted to but that’s mainly because I don’t remember enough to actually.. write those reviews? I’ll have to look into those books again. In any case, I added a “RTC”-shelf on Goodreads so I can keep better track of the books I have yet to review. Let’s hope it helps!

Personal / health – related

° CHECK – Drink all the water every day.
° CHECK – Eat at least two different kinds of fruit every week.
° CHECK – Try out some new and healthy stews!
° CHECK – Maybe.. Give birth to the little wiggle? [Uh, hell yes. February 16!]

Bucket List

º CHECK – Have at least one or two dates with the BF before the little one arrives. [Do shopping sprees count, because we did plenty of those? Oh, and going out for food! Yes! Success!]
° CHECK – Get a pregnancy shoot done. [I had one in the snoooow!]
° CHECK – Find the perfect lighting fixture for my personal library. [I wanted a more classical look at first, but ended up going the modern way anyway, oops.]
° CHECK – Get all the addresses for the birth announcements written on the envelopes before giving birth..
° CHECK – Go to a Christmas market. [Although it was in Ghent and nowhere “fancy” like I planned.]
° CHECK – Hot chocolate with marshmallows! Multiple times! [You don’t even want to know how many I had..]
° CHECK – Get started on setting up my library? [I only unpacked four of my TBR boxes, but it’s something!]

Winter TBR

Jenna & Jonah's FauxmanceEscaping from Houdini (Stalking Jack the Ripper, #3)Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald - The Original ScreenplayConsort of Pain (The Witch's Consorts #3)

I had eight books on my TBR and managed to read four of them, which I’d say is still a success! I do wish I had read some more of those books but.. I’m happy I finally ticked off Escaping from Houdini and Consort of Pain. Those were two sequels I was looking forward to reading and I did! 

Do you keep track of all the books you need to review in some way?
What are some things you did this past winter that you hadn’t done before?



10 thoughts on “WINTER ~ Wrapping up my seasonal TBR, goals and bucket list!

  1. Look at this bucket list and all of these checks and wow, you really are MAGIC I admire you so much, you were so productive! Here’s to a very productive Spring, too! 😀 ❤
    I hope your RTC shelf will help you – I do keep track of the books I need to review, but I only do that for ARCs, the other books, well…. I do whatever I want if I'm feeling it hahaha 🙂


    1. I’m so bad with notebooks? Like. I love them and all the different covers you can get them in but for some reason I never USE them? Or I start using them but then they disappear or get ignored or something.. :’)


    2. I have notebooks that I’ve bought that I just dont want to use as I dont want to fill them up and chuck them out! I bought Harry Potter ones so I could use 1 and keep the other! And I dont even know why I do that….it just sits around collecting dust!!!!


  2. I usually write down the review that needs to be written on a to do list and if needed write down trigger warnings. But nothing more than that really.

    Looks like you had a succesful Winter!


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