Still “nope”, but I’m not giving up! – WWW: April 24th

WWW Wednesday

Okay. So. It’s been tough lately? I thought we had some kind of routine figured out by now, but Jamie just went ahead and proved differently. We’re still fighting to get some kind of.. me-time for me and it’s just not working. Every time we’ve come to the point of “okay, now mom can go do something for herself”, Jamie makes sure that isn’t happening at all. I might be losing my head a bit, haha. I really do miss my blog, doing blog prep and writing reviews – who knew?!
Anyway. I did manage to get some reading in so..

Time to see what I read!

As always, covers link back to the Goodreads-page, so feel free to check them out!

Current read

Starry Eyes

I started Starry Eyes yesterday morning and I’m really loving it so far! Our main character has anxiety and is quirky in a fun way – I love how she coordinates her glasses with her outfits? Not to mention the childhood best friend being on the gothic side. Yes plea-hease!

Finished reading

The Travelling Cat Chronicles

I finished The Travelling Cat Chronicles and might I say how hard I cried? Like. Seriously. I needed a book like this one and it delivered! There was this small part that was way too hard on me since it was about abandoning a baby – you can see how that is something I might not be able to handle right now – but the actual story itself hit me in the feels so hard! I’m definitely recommending this if you want a book giving you all the feels. Not to mention having a cat’s POV – with sass.

Reading next

Summer Bird Blue

I might be picking up Akemi’s Summer Bird Blue, but that’ll depend on how I’m feeling after Starry Eyes. I haven’t read any fantasy in a while so maybe I’ll venture to that side again? Who knows! 

ARC overview

A Pack of Blood and LiesAnd We Call It LoveFix Her UpThe Last Hope (The Raging Ones, #2)Shattered Love (Forever Us, #1)

What’s your current read?
What’s next on  your TBR?

If you have a WWW-post of your own, feel free to leave it in the comments!



25 thoughts on “Still “nope”, but I’m not giving up! – WWW: April 24th

  1. HOW does this girl coordinate her outfits with her glasses?? I love the look when people can manage it, but I can’t imagine the cost. Does seem like my kind of character though. Glad you’re enjoying so far!


    1. I might be a bit jealous of that! Sometimes my hormones are all over the place and I’m crying for the stupidest things, haha. Although I do sometimes like crying over things too?
      I’m looking forward to that ARC! But I’m waiting until I have a bit more time to write my reviews. Don’t want to write a very general one weeks after having read it.. :’)


  2. I’m sending you all the love Kathy and I hope you’ll get some “me” time soon, even if it’s just a couple moments here and there 🙂 happy you’re enjoying Starry Eyes, I can’t wait to read that one 😀 Happy reading! ❤


    1. Thanks Marie! Hope you had an awesome trip to London! 😀
      I’m getting some me-time during mornings on weekends but even those are disturbed by the boyfriend needing “help” with things I normally have to do on my own during the week, haha.

      I actually finished Starry Eyes this night [yay breastfeeding, right?] and LOOOVE IIIIT. Hope you can get to it soon!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I really did, thank you!! ❤
      I'm glad that you're getting a little bit of me time, I hope these will get longer and that your boyfriend will be able to do things on his own too once he gets used to them too ahah 🙂
      AHHH ! So happy to hear it, I can't wait to read it 😀


  3. Oh no, I’m sorry to hear about Jamie – I can bet that’s super frustrating. Hopefully he will settle down soon so you can start to do a bit more independently from him, even if its just being on your computer/reading a book/having a bath! When we first got Achilles he had AWFUL separation anxiety, especially with me so I couldn’t even go to the bathroom without him having to be with me or he would scream the house down. We couldn’t go anywhere or do anything, and he would whine for hours and hours and hours when he had to go in his crate for bedtime. Definitely not the same as having a baby but I understand your pain to an extent!


    1. Yikes, that sounds rough as well though! People here recommend having your baby separately at night or in a cosleeper, but.. honestly.. Jamie simply sleeps smashed against my side [his doing, haha]. The moment I leave to use the bathroom, he wakes up crying. So I can definitely see how your awful those nights with Achilles must have been!
      The most me-time I can get is during mornings – like right now – when I just fed him and the BF is awake with him on the bed. Then it’s THE moment for me to run into the living room, start my computer and jump on blog stuff, haha. I’ve also started reading an hour or two in the middle of the night after feeding him. It’s not really me-time since I’m stuck between my two men and can barely move, but at least it’s some quiet reading time. We’ll make it work! 😀

      [Also, are you excited for the author announcements yet?! I thought I saw YALC is announcing them on the 30th?!]


  4. Hang on in there, believe it or not you are doing really well to get some reading and blogging done whilst looking after a little one. You will soon work out a routine that works for you both, it just takes time 😊


    1. Thank you! I know we will. Especially since I’ll fight until the end of time to get some me-time once in a while, haha. I can’t help but look forward to him being able to entertain his own a bit more though. Gives me some breathing room during the day instead of constantly having to find new ways of entertaining a two month old. 😛


  5. I’m glad you were able to get a little reading time in lately, despite Jamie making you lose your head! Haha. I haven’t read Starry Eyes yet, but I love Jenn Bennett so much! I just recently finished Serious Moonlight by her, and really enjoyed it! I hope the ending of Starry Eyes is a hit for you! ❤


    1. I just finished it last night and wasn’t really going to do a review on it – since I’m already behind on four reviews, haha – but I’ll see if I can squeeze it in anyway! In any case.. I really did enjoy it. Geeky main character, gothic friends-to-enemies boy next door with queer parents, fluent writing, and all the events make sense in a way. Definite contemporary win for me! 🙂


    1. Oh, there will definitely be feels! Not during the first half of the book but more towards the end the feels get SO REAL! I’m actually glad I read those parts during bathing time. At least I could be hit by them in private, haha.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I’ve actually had Starry Eyes on my shelf for months now but hadn’t really heard much to really sway me one way or another to read it. Oddly enough, glasses coordinating with outfits has me completely sold? Hope you enjoy it!


    1. I finished it last night and I really, really like it! It’s a bit on the predictable side – but aren’t all contemporaries, right? -, however that didn’t bother me at all. Everything that happens in the book simply.. fits? Really hope you can get to it soon!

      Liked by 1 person

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