[blogtober] DIVERSE CAST, AMAZING WRITING AND.. I NEED MORE!~ Tellus by Tyffany Hackett


Tellus (Thanatos Trilogy #2)TITLE: Tellus [#2 – Thanatos trilogy] – THIS POST WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR THE FIRST BOOK!
AUTHOR: Tyffany Hackett

RELEASED: October 12, 2019
PUBLISHER: Archangel Publishing
FORMAT: Paperback / eARC [AD]

GENRE: YA Fantasy

TRIGGERS: panic attacks, fear of heights, suicide, mention and examples of child abuse
REPS: LGBTQIA+, anxiety

After a disappointing venture into Emberlyn Forest, Queen Natylia of Thrais is feeling anything but confident. To make matters worse, the Council is now involved, placing her on lockdown to ensure she rules her kingdom as appointed.

But she knows the Scepters are out there. At any moment those magical keys could be used to release four dangerous Titans from their prison far beneath Saphir Lake. If Natylia fails to find the Scepters before they fall into the wrong hands, her kingdom won’t be the only one to suffer.

With the support of Jyn, Camion, and Meryn, Natylia sets out to hunt these ancient relics before war and death can destroy Araenna. And when a former love gets tangled into the mix, Natylia is forced to learn the true meaning of forgiveness.

Betrayal haunts her every step, but the fate of Araenna depends on her every decision—and a test of power may cost her everything she holds dear.

Including her own life.

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It’s been a while since I read Imber by Tyffany Hackett, which is the first book in the Thanatos series. I vividly remember how I ended up cursing myself for not having read the ARC sooner so.. Safe to say I jumped and started reading very quickly the moment my ARC of Tellus arrived on my Kindle.

The good

I mentioned it in my other review as well, but it’s definitely worth repeating how diverse the cast in this trilogy is. There’s LGBTQIA+ rep, POC rep, anxiety rep.. That alone might be plenty of reason to get yourself a copy of these books, no?
On top of that, the voice of each character is distinct. There’s only one POV, but you still feel how different and unique the other characters are. Their depth, their growth and changes throughout the story.. The impact events have on them.. It’s all so well done, well written and executed..

As for the pace of the book.. I don’t think I ever read a book by someone who’s able to write in such a manner as Tyffany. The pace changes often and that fits the story perfectly. Action-packed scenes have a faster feel to them, while the parts where there are meaningful moments relationship-wise are slower. I personally felt the change in pace added a lot to my reading experience since it drew me in and barely let me go.

When I couldn’t find my worth, the people who loved me could. I needed to trust them.

Of course, automatically, this book was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. And that’s not even mentioning the twists and turns Tyffany throws our way. I am not even ashamed to admit I messaged her, cursed her and.. well.. felt like throwing something at her at times. That’s how deep I got into the story. And let’s not forget how I cursed her to hell and back with that particular ending.. Like.. YOU DON’T DO THAT TO ME, OKAY.

One final thing I want to address is the attention to detail. I haven’t seen a lot of fantasy novels where any of the characters take the time to sharpen their blades. It’s something I very much appreciated seeing since it shows how deep the author goes to deliver a story that covers everything!

I didn’t have any real way to help him, but words – words had the power to heal when nothing else helped.

five stars
I don’t think I have to mention how Tyffany is one of my favorite authors. She deserves for her books to reach more people so.. if you like me even the tiniest bit, you’ll add Imber to your TBR, buy a copy and start reading!

Have you read Imber yet? Are you now planning to?
What’s an element you love seeing in fantasy books?



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