[blogtober] FLASHBACK ~ What was I reading this time last year?


When I saw this subject, my mouth fell open. Stupid, maybe? I don’t think so. It just.. never occurred to me to do something like this and.. I believe this subject is genius? I love looking back at the past – not only when it comes to events and such, but also books-wise. And I never, ever thought about checking what I was reading at the same time, one year back. So.. Ready to find out what I was reading halfway through October in 2018

[This post is based on Anniek and Hâf’s posting challenge!]


ItSinner (The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #4)

Oh boy. The monster that is IT.. Yup.. No fond memories of that one, to be honest. I remember having such issues with a certain event near the end of the book.. Not to mention the thing seemed to have no end, haha.
As for Sinner.. That was, and still is, my favorite installment in the series. Even though it’s more of a companion than a fourth book, I enjoyed the POV’s more. And I definitely enjoyed the books more than I did The Raven Cycle? Please don’t shoot me. I still believe I read those at the wrong time. Maybe if I’ll ever reread them, I’ll discover why so many people are utterly in love with those characters.. Maybe..

Do you know what book you were reading this time, one year ago?
How did you end up rating the book? Or did you hate it?
How do you feel about looking back at your reading from the year prior?




8 thoughts on “[blogtober] FLASHBACK ~ What was I reading this time last year?

  1. What an awesome prompt. I can’t even remember what I was reading last month let alone a year ago without looking at Goodreads. According to that I was finishing the Thousandth Floor series and a really good book called Salt by Hannah Moskowitz. Both books were 5 star reads.

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    1. I have The Thousandt Floor on my TBR! The first one only, I think? I’ve heard great things about it but.. who knows when I’ll finally get round to reading it.. Ugh.. Haven’t heard of Salt yet, I think. Going to check it out! 😀

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  2. Man, I read It a million years ago and honestly don’t remember much about it. My older girl had to read Shiver for school and she fell in love with the series. It was the first time she’d ever asked me for the next book in a series (she’s not much of a reader), so that made me happy. 🙂

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    1. That’s kind of a “thing” when it comes to King’s writing for me? I remember the overall story of the books I read, but never any details. Maybe because he drowns the entire thing in details..
      Definitely! The time my boyfriend “forced” me to preorder a sequel was one of the best days, haha.


    2. Agreed. He and Anne Rice are both really bad about extra details.

      HAH! Not sure my husband would ever do that to me, although I once had to order him a book from the UK because it was part of a series and not available in the US for another six months.


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