[blogtober] A LITTLE RAY OF SUNSHINE ~ Sunshine Blogger Award!

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I’m.. ashamed to admit I’ve been ignoring / neglecting all kinds of tags and awards. Mainly because I once posted about not doing them anymore since they were getting pretty repetitive and.. I got tired of doing them, But it’s been months and months since I did one so.. When Elysa @ Elysa Reads It All tagged me, I decided to just go with it and answer her questions!


The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to those who are creative, positive and inspiring while spreading sunshine to the blogging community.

↠ Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.
↠ Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
↠ Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
↠ List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award in your post/or on your blog.


  • What are you currently reading?
    Well, this is a mean one. I mean.. I’m writing this post over a week before it’s going up on my blog so.. Anyway! My current reads are The Beautiful by Renée Ahdieh and Lifel1k3 by Jay Kristoff. Consider me done for since Jay always rips my heart out.
  • How many books have you read so far this year?
    I put my goal at 75 and I’ve read over 80 so far!
  • What’s your favorite book you’ve read this year?
    100 Days of SunlightI hate that question. Uhm. The best contemporary books I’ve read, are SpeakSummer Bird Blue and 100 Days of Sunlight. Out of those three, I might say the latter is my favorite one due to the temporary blindness and amputee rep!
    As for fantasy / science fiction.. Definitely Once & Future and Tellus! Both are diverse and amazingly written, in my humble opinion. [The link on Tellus goes back to my review of Imber, the first book in the series.]
  • Waffles or pancakes?
    I have to go with waffles since it’s been ages since I ate those. I’m craving them now. Can someone make me some? Please?
  • Image result for klaus mikaelsonWhat’s your favorite TV show?
    Oh! Well.. I barely have time for TV anymore, but I’m always down for a rewatch of The Originals.
  • What’s your favorite color?
    Have you seen my blog? Or maybe my car? Pretty sure blue’s the right answer here, haha!
  • What song can always lift your mood?
    I’m usually listening to rock, but when I need my mood lifted I’m 100% putting up Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars because.. you know.
  • What is something about you that usually surprises other people?
    Honestly? My collection of books; the fact I have a book blog. Both those things tend to surprise people? 
  • What blog memes do you participate in?
    I used to participate in Top Ten Tuesdays and WWW Wednesday and Waiting on Wednesday and.. I think there was a fourth one? Nowadays it’s only WWW Wednesday though. I barely have the time anymore.. Wish I could at least go back to posting TTT’s but we’ll see!
  • Do you read graphic novels or manga?
    Sometimes! I have two on my TBR. I always try picking up more of them but for some reason I like “normal” books better?
  • What fictional place would you most like to visit?
    I don’t want to be yet another person answering “Hogwarts”, but it would be nice? I mean? Right? On the other hand, I would love to visit the world of A Curse So Dark and Lonely!

And then the most fun part! Tagging others! Every blogger is a little ray of sunshine, so I’m going to tag some random people. I hope you like my questions!

Kaleena ~ Misty ~ Noriko ~ Destiny ~ Marie ~ Sha & Mandy ~ Aymee ~ Marion

~ If you could bring one fictional character to life, who would you pick and why?
~ What are the three blue books that come to mind first? [Or you find first..]
~ When talking diverse books, what kind of diversity do you love reading about most?
~ What’s a form of self-care you do that seems to help you most?
~ Someone came into your room and dog-eared one of your books. What’s your reaction?
~ If you could dye your hair whatever color, what color would it end up being?
~ What’s your favorite drink – without answering coffee and tea.
~ When it comes to social media, what is your favorite platform?
~ Visiting a new-to-you city, what is one thing you always need to do / see / visit? [Not bookstores!]
~ What food / dish is impossible for you to say no to?
~ Last but not least, how many unread books do you currently own?

Those are my eleven questions! Have fun with them, lovelies!

If I haven’t tagged you, but you wanted to be tagged: consider yourself tagged!
Or you could always reply on some of the questions in the comments..
What did you think of my answers? What’s YOUR favorite color?



8 thoughts on “[blogtober] A LITTLE RAY OF SUNSHINE ~ Sunshine Blogger Award!

  1. Oh I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts on The Beautiful, I was a little…. disappointed by this one 😦
    Thank you so much for tagging me! ❤


    1. Oooh hell yes! I always curse myself for focusing on the males more, but.. it’s a simple fact that even though I’m bi, I still tend to lean towards men more. :’) Have to admit that, even with my pickiness concerning women, Hayley is WAY up there!

      Liked by 1 person

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