[blogtober] BE STILL, MY PARANORMAL HEART ~ Talking paranormal romance!


I’m jumping back and forth between Anniek and Hâf‘s Blogtober posting challenge and my own posts, but today.. I’m back to their list of prompts! Which means this post is dedicated to.. yup! Paranormal romance! I haven’t read a lot of books in the genre, but there is definitely one gem worth putting in the spotlight.

I’m not even going to try and bother finding more, because I know I didn’t read anything mention-worthy these last two / three years. Instead you’ll have to make do with the one series I enjoyed thoroughly. I haven’t read the final book yet, but that’s due to me not wanting to say goodbye to the cast? [Also, I should definitely pick up more of Eva Chase’s books. She writes tons of reverse harem novels!]


Consort of Secrets (The Witch's Consorts #1)

  • Female main character of 25 battling magic-abusing people close to her with the help of FOUR awesome guys!
  • Action-packed with steamy and romantic scenes in between.
  • Realistic relationships and characters.
  • Reads like a train, even if I do say so myself!

Yup. That’s it. A very short post, with only one book mentioned. Sometimes you need a simple post like this to make a statement, right?

Have you read reverse harem before? What are some books you loved?
Would Consort of Secrets be a book you’d pick up? Why / why not?
What are some of your favorite paranormal romance books?



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