THE WEEKS BEFORE CHRISTMAS ~ The Little Shop on Silver Linings Street by Emma Davies


The Little Shop on Silver Linings StreetTITLE: The Little Shop on Silver Linings Street
AUTHOR: Emma Davies

RELEASED: October 16, 2019
PUBLISHER: Bookouture

GENRE: Christmas romance

TRIGGERS: Mention of abusive past, mention of alcoholism, mention of death by drug overdose
REPS: Anxiety

Thirty-two-year-old Daisy Turner has worked at Buchanan’s Family Jewellers since the day she finally escaped her troubled home. With a unique talent for matching the perfect piece of jewellery to any romantic milestone, she painstakingly polishes each stunning creation every morning and safely locks them away each night, longing for the day she’ll have a love story to call her own…

But everything changes one day in December when the owner announces she is retiring. She will leave the shop to whichever of her three sons creates the perfect piece of Christmas jewellery for Daisy.

In danger of losing the job that once saved her, Daisy is catapulted out of her comfort zone as each of the brothers sweeps her off her feet to find out what her heart truly desires. Between ice-skating, starlight shopping and cosy candle-lit dinners, it’s only handsome and guarded youngest brother Kit who really seems to be listening. Because Daisy has a secret. Every night, when the shop closes, she lays out her tools in neat rows and creates sparkling designs of her own…

As Christmas Day approaches, Daisy’s growing feelings for Kit fill her with a confidence she never knew she had. But as the brothers present their elaborate gemstone masterpieces, she’s in for the shock of her life… Was Kit using her to get ahead in the competition all along? Or has he truly worked out the one thing she has always longed for?

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I’m probably not the only one.. Whenever December comes closer, I get in this mood where I need all books cozy, romantic and – preferably – Winter-themed. When browsing NetGalley a while back, I immediately decided to provide myself with some reads that would fit that exact mood. Time to find out whether this one did!

The good

My number one demand? A Christmassy feel! Did The Little Shop on Silver Linings Street deliver? Yes, it did! Set during the weeks before Christmas, you get the built-up to it and that’s exactly what I wanted. Certain events and activities added even more to that vibe. Demand: met!

Secondly, I was curious about how this story would start. Although I admit the idea is weird – who lets their sons buy a gift for an employee they don’t even really know? -, I thought it fit the quirks of that side character. And, honestly, seeing three very different men figuring out how to go about the challenge was pretty fun. The way it played out – and kind of sparked some rivalry – was a success.

Character-wise we get to meet a diverse bunch. Creative minds, a party animal, someone with a stick up their arse [excuse my language but it’s true], a more subdued and secretive character… The combination of all those gave for interesting events and conversations.
Our main character, Daisy, was done best of all though. She has a certain past that shows in her personality, her habits, her overall being. She can’t handle anything other than the simplest of foods, she’s meticulous, she’s set on routines and she drinks an insane amount of tea. I rather liked her, although I did have to get used to her. I’m simply not a “simple” person and like trying things, where Daisy doesn’t.

The story itself was.. interesting. I couldn’t stop reading. Not only is there a competition between the brothers Daisy has to deal with, she also has to find a way to cope with maybe having to find a new job. On top of that, there are new people in her life she tries letting in. All in all, I thought the layers of the story were done well!

The romantic aspect wasn’t overly present, but it was there and that was plenty for me. Other things were highlighted more and, in a way, that made the romance prettier? I don’t know how to describe it, haha.The bad

If there’s one thing I found a bit less, it’s the lack of evolution in Daisy’s friendships on-page. They evolve – that’s a fact – but you don’t see how and that would’ve added so much more to this book. I wanted to get to know those smaller characters as well.

Apart from that, I struggled with the start of the book. The conversations didn’t flow as naturally as they did after a couple of chapters. But, since I read an ARC, maybe those chapters got edited so it felt more natural. I hope so!

Competition among brothers, an MC with anxiety, creativity regarding jewels and flowers, Christmassy feel, not overly focused on romance. If those are all things you like, definitely add this to your TBR!

What are some books you definitely recommend reading in December?
Is there a genre you prefer reading during winter?



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