READING CHALLENGE ~ [Monstrous] March


Time is passing by like no tomorrow. I haven’t even gotten used to writing or typing ‘2020’ yet, and the second month of the year is almost over and done with already. Don’t know about you, but it feels like this year’s going to be gone even quicker than 2019 was! Anyway, you’re not here for that rambling mess I’m starting right now, you’re here for another reading challenge!

So.. Time to introduce you – or reintroduce to the people who joined last year and/or the year before – to Monstrous March, a month of reading monstrous books! As last year, the way you see this is entirely up to you. I created this challenge to focus on thrillers / horrors / suspense novels, but if you feel like reading monstrous-sized books, that’s also a path you could take!

◊ Post a blog post / Tweet / comment / whatever saying you’ll be joining me!
You can also join our Goodreads-group, Devour Your TBR, and participate there. Just saying.
◊ Share your list of monstrous books that you really want / hope to read during March.
◊ If you’re sharing your updates on social media, use #MonstrousMarch so we can follow up on each other!

It isn’t necessary to dedicate the whole month to my challenges. I know not everyone likes reading one genre all the time, so feel free to switch as you usually do! Reading only one novel that fits the time is plenty to be able to commit to this challenge! It’s a low pressure reading challenge after all.

Are you going to participate?
What books, off the top of your head, have a big chance of ending up on your TBR?



6 thoughts on “READING CHALLENGE ~ [Monstrous] March

  1. Well, my main focus in March will be my Middle Grade March reading challenge…BUT, I do have a couple monstrous sized novels I’d like to read as well, so I think I can still count those. Like, I think I have a couple 600+ page books I want to read and I definitely have a 1400+ page book, so they certainly qualify as monstrous in size.


    1. Exactly! 1400+ is.. HUGE. Whenever I see a number like that, I’m all “I hope you own a digital copy”. My arms hurt just thinking about holding the thing for more than an hour. Back when reading IT, I also got myself an ecopy to make reading it easier, haha.


    2. I do own it in both physical and digital copies. But I probably will mostly read it in physical. I prefer that format, unless I’m traveling for vacation or something, and then e-books are my best friend. Growing up whenever I went on vacation I would pretty much dedicate half my suitcase to reading material. Now I just have to make sure I pack my charging cords for my phone and e-reader. It makes my reading life so much easier on the go.

      Oh, and I guess I should mention that the 1400 pages is an omnibus bindup of an entire trilogy, so in reality it isn’t that bad at all. Still, I do want to marathon read them sometime soon-ish.


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