Reading your OWN books during OWNtober 2018

I've cleared out some ARC's during ARCAugust, I've tried tackling my sequels during Sequel September.. Now it's time to simply focus on my own books, which means.. OWNtober is back, people! Pretty sure this is one of my favorite monthly challenges so far, simply because you get to read whatever you want, as long as you already own the book!

Sequel September 2018

Being half-way through August, it's time for my second Sequel September-challenge! I'm feeling kind of nostalgic about this one since it was my first ever monthly challenge and it's become quite the habit since. As last year, I also have tons of sequels I neglected this year around as well. Not to mention sequels I meant to read in September 2017 and still haven't picked up..

Wrap-up & Book Haul: [Sci-Fi] July

House-hunting, melting in the sun - and in the shadow -, going to London, more house-hunting, even more house-hunting, trying to catch up on my blog.. Yup, it's been quite the month for me! Of course, reading-wise it means I've had less time. I knew it up front, but you always keep hoping you'll have more time to read than you anticipated, right? Anyway! The last month I read this "little", was March. I read equally as many books but less pages. Oh well! Let's see what I've been up to, huh?!