I feel like this is such a.. confronting topic.. Simply because a lot of us have shelves overflowing with backlist titles we still haven't read. And it's not because we don't want to read them - we do! - it's.. because those new, shiny books keep distracting us.. And then you get a whole mountain of unread books.. So here are eight of the books I hope to pick up.. soon.. ish?

TTT: Things in movies and books that FREAK ME OUT!

With all the creepy vibes this month - admit it, there've been a lot of Halloween-related posts going around! - I started thinking about the things that freak me out most. Not in general, but when reading a book or watching a movie. I know I'm a pussy - that's something that'll never change - so this might be quite the predictable post. Should I have watched / read more horror, this probably would be more elaborate, more specific and more unique but.. still.. I'm curious about your answers as well so I'm still doing it!


I'm going to mess TTT up for the entirety of October, simply because I want to do something different, but don't want to miss out on TTT's either. In a way, I'm still doing TTT-ish posts, simply not.. the prompts that are given to us? You know me by now; I like doing things my own way, ha. So, this means that in the name of October, the holy month of Halloween, I'm going to try and make my posts a bit "darker", so to speak. And we're starting today!