TODAY’S A BIG DAY AND AAH. – WWW: November 14th [Actually, yesterday was but y’know..]

Yesterday was such a huge day! I apologize for posting late but.. we got home very late and I immediately went to bed so.. yeah.. Oops? BUT. We've finally signed the final papers for the purchase of the house - which is now our house. I'm so stoked. We drove over there immediately after, going over some things with the previous owner and then.. we can sat in the peace and quiet of.. our future for a while?! ANYWAY. READING UPDATE.


Last week I was hating on the sudden heat, now I'm all about the coldness - yay! Funny how Belgium always seems to go from heat to cold in 0.3 seconds or something. But, that means I did already get some cozy reading time in! Blanket, cozy socks, hot drink, book, scented candle - yes plea-hease! I'm ready for more! So; let's see what I read and.. what my reading plans look like for the upcoming week!