Munches in March

Munches in March

>Books & Munches. It’s time to link those two in a different way than I normally do. This time with a Munches Bingo!

Munches in March

Just so it’s clear to everyone – even my boyfriend got confused about what he was looking at with a couple of the squares… – here’s the overview of the munches:

Spaghetti – French fries – Hot chocolate – Ice cream
Candy – Pizza slice – Popcorn – Fish ‘n chips
Soup – Cake – Nuts – Onion rings
Coffee / tea – Cupcake – Fresh fruit – Candied apple

◊ Post a blogpost saying you’ll be joining me to try and get at least one bingo!
◊ Share the munches you’re going to try and fill to get your bingo and mention which books you’ll be reading for it.
◊ If you’re sharing your updates on social media, use #MunchesMarch so we can follow up on each other!
◊ You can do whatever you want. Complete one row, fill in the whole card. Whatever! Just see what suits you best!





 Pictures used in my bingo card were found on Google Image; I don’t claim any rights to these.
Picture used for the header was found on FreePik; rights belong to the creator.