When you see your past in a book and you’re glad you’re not a STARFISH – by Akemi Dawn Bowman

Starfish has been recommended to me by a ton of people - the most persistent one being Marie - so I'm happy to say I finally read it and I'm so happy all of you pushed me to read it! I knew I was going to like it, but it still managed to blow all my expectations to pieces. That and this book ended up meaning the world to me. Easily one of my favorites so far!

This Is Just My Face: Try Not To Stare – Gabourey Sidibe telling her story with a lot of sass.

The first thing popping to mind when I saw this book on NetGalley, was “I know this woman!” but I couldn’t remember where I’d seen her. It didn’t took me long to realize she played Precious in the movie Precious. As if I wasn’t convinced to read this one yet, that definitely did it. I was totally ready to find out how Gabourey Sidibe became an actress, how her life was before and after.