I feel like this is such a.. confronting topic.. Simply because a lot of us have shelves overflowing with backlist titles we still haven't read. And it's not because we don't want to read them - we do! - it's.. because those new, shiny books keep distracting us.. And then you get a whole mountain of unread books.. So here are eight of the books I hope to pick up.. soon.. ish?

TTT: Things in movies and books that FREAK ME OUT!

With all the creepy vibes this month - admit it, there've been a lot of Halloween-related posts going around! - I started thinking about the things that freak me out most. Not in general, but when reading a book or watching a movie. I know I'm a pussy - that's something that'll never change - so this might be quite the predictable post. Should I have watched / read more horror, this probably would be more elaborate, more specific and more unique but.. still.. I'm curious about your answers as well so I'm still doing it!

TTT: Doing the previous prompt – Books I think deserve all the hype!

I'm not making any secret out of it anymore: Life is hectic and busy, so my blog is taking a huge step back right now. I literally have nothing scheduled for this month, or the next. Not one post, people! And I'm not even bothered by it - that's how busy I am right now. But, I felt like doing a TTT today, so that's what you're getting! Here are some of my favorite hyped books!

TTT: Favorite novellas / short stories AKA Kathy skipping the prompt

And we're back to this again. Adapting the prompt to something I like more because I don't like the proposed one. I don't even read short stories or novellas all that often. At all. The only novella I read and loved this year is A Court of Frost and Starlight - that's it. I like my books big, okay? So, of course, I had to change this week's prompt to something else.