TTT: My own Christmas WISH LIST – might or might not be bookish.

If there's one thing I always loathe doing, it's creating wish lists. For some reason, people are never happy with the things I put on them. "Why, Kathy! There are only books on here!" or "Can't you want something that doesn't have to do with reading?" are the most common ones. This means I've had to perfect the art of balancing bookish items with non-bookish items - and I'm going to prove to you it's possible! Or try to..

TTT: Being thankful is not that hard!

I don't celebrate Thanksgiving at all. It isn't even all that known in Belgium, as far as I know. We mostly hear about it through television and social media but.. that's about it? I wish we celebrated it over here though. A holiday to be thankful on? To actually show your gratitude? I really think we could all benefit from that.